Aziza Mirkhanova, MA in TESOL 2015

Aziza Mirkhanova

Aziza Mirkhanova, MA in TESOL 2015

FXUA opened my eyes to a world of intellectual wonder and stimulation. Unlike other graduate programs that I considered before coming to FXUA, I was duly impressed with the breadth of instruction and consistency in mission – to learn from experienced and caring instructors who cared only about my success as both a student and an individual.

Most specifically, I realized during my tenure here that becoming a TESOL professional was a huge responsibility because it allows me to positively impact the lives of those around me, irrespective of their social economic circumstance, gender, orientation, or cultural make up. In my current role as Library Coordinator at FXUA’s Library, I find myself sharing with students and peers those qualities that distinguish a FXUA TESOL graduate from graduates from outside FXUA.

When it comes to my fondest FXUA memories, one thing comes to mind: the feeling of completeness that only comes when you walk across that stage with your family and friends in full support and knowing that you are prepared for whatever life throws at you.  You are ready and you are eager to take on the responsibility of helping prepare the next generation of FXUA graduates.  In short, this is my legacy.

My suggestion to aspiring TESOL graduate students is simple:  do your homework, literally and figuratively.  Remember, we are a world community and what you learn here should forever positively impact all those around you.  You carry a responsibility to yourself, your family, your peers, and those who aspire to be a successful FXUA graduate.

Aziza Mirkhanova, MA in TESOL 2015
Fairfax University of America
Virginia, USA