Anastasia Sudarikova, MBA 2015
Anastasia Sudarikova, MBA 2015

Looking back now, I understand how significantly I changed and developed during my two years studying for my MBA at FXUA. I had experience and a bachelor’s degree in IT. The field of business was completely new to me, and because of FXUA I discovered that I am both a technically- and business-minded thinker. FXUA didn’t limit my education to just business courses, so I combined both technology and business in my studies and wrote my thesis on technology in supply chain management. Making many presentations and working in teams with classmates from diverse countries gave me an invaluable skill set which I use every day at my current job.

I recently received a job offer from Manhattan Associates, a global company and one of the market leaders in supply chain management software solutions. I work in the customer support department where I have direct interaction with customers who need support with our unique warehouse management system; I address everything from post implementation issues resolution to system upgrades and modification according to client business needs. The position itself is challenging and keeps me thinking and learning as technology develops quickly.

I will never forget FXUA: my last day of class, my last group presentation, participating in the Miss FXUA beauty pageant, Chef’s Café, the Pender building, and Dr. Ross’s smile. I love the way he greets students. As a business student, he makes you feel that you are the smartest, most special student at FXUA. His talent is to inspire a crowd.

I would advise current FXUA students to create their own brand. Perform the SWOT analysis of your brand. Identify your strength and weaknesses. React accordingly: emphasize your benefits and improve where you feel you need to. Don’t forget to stick with the area in which you have decided to develop yourself. Attend related classes and professional networking events. Set goals! Track your progress! Visualize! Always ask yourself if you are on the right track and where you want to be after a graduation.

Anastasia Sudarikova, MBA in Global Logistics 2015
Support Consultant 
Manhattan Associates 
Atlanta, GA