Anastasia Dorokhina
Anastasia Dorokhina

Quote: “FXUA has impacted my personal and professional life in a positive way and helped me identify and develop my skills and expertise.”

My name is Anastasia and I am originally from Moscow, Russia. I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics in Moscow and I decided to pursue my graduate studies abroad. I started my investigation into a Master’s program offered in the USA and visited several times. It helped me decide that the US would be the right place to pursue my Master’s degree.

Once I visited Virginia, I absolutely loved the cultural diversity and strategic location, I decided to concentrate my university research in the DC/MA/VA area only. Taking into account that Virginia is one of the wealthiest and expensive areas in the country, I challenged myself to find a good university where can I afford the tuition.  Among the universities I was considering applying to was Fairfax University of America. Not just because of its affordability, but because of the simplicity of an application procedure. Now I am honored to say, that I graduated with MBA degree in International Business Management from FXUA.

While at FXUA, I learned valuable on-hands experience through events organized by a FXUA Career Center. I remember one of the speakers mentioned that networking is a key factor no matter what professional path you choose. Perhaps everybody knows about the importance of networking but it was an absolutely new aspect for me at that time. She suggested me to sign up for Toastmasters International (TI). For those who don`t know, Toastmasters is designed to help members improve their communication, public speaking, leadership skills, and it operates worldwide. The organization gives you a chance to develop your skills and to build your network. The sign-up process is easy, just look for clubs in the DMV area that you are interested in and contact their representatives. Attend a session and then if you like the club, enroll. You don’t need to do anything besides attending the event. At that time, I enrolled for the IMF and the World Bank chapters because that is what interested me; it helped me meet the right people and to get information about the interview process before going to real interviews. It takes time to build relationships and to collect information for different opportunities but it is worthwhile. This is just one of the tips I learned by going to the Career Center events and it still serves me- even though I graduated, I am still meeting new people and making new connections.

I found my job after a graduation through a recruiter who later secured me a job. I worked for a high-profile private equity firm, based in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, my 1-year OPT had finished and my employer couldn’t sponsor my work visa due to the long process. In the end, because of my work ethic, they referred me to their Dubai partners and I received a job there. Basically what let me to this opportunity was a good profile (CV), hard work, good recommendations, and connections.

This year is my 3rd year working in Dubai; it is a great city to live and work. I love my job and currently, I work in the Investment in Aviation industry, at the International AirFinance Corporation (IAFC). As a Senior Manager, I am responsible for investor relations, marketing & PR; I report directly to the CEO and I am in charge of keeping communications with internal and external stakeholders at a high-level standard. In addition, I organize marketing presentations and investment roadshows internationally and in collaboration with the executive team while supervising the marketing communications strategies and establishing and developing media relationships.

FXUA has impacted my personal and professional life in a positive way and has helped me identify and develop my skills and expertise.

Studying in the US gives you a chance for better job opportunities abroad. What I liked about FXUA is it provides you with quality education, good facilities, and location to DC; it provides opportunities for students to live, study, and internships and/or jobs in the DC area; many international organizations and IT companies are located in the city and surrounding areas. FXUA is a good investment for pursuing your degree.

Anastasia Dorokhina
MBA in International Business Management 2011
Senior Manager at International AirFinance Corporation (IAFC), Dubai