Dr. Wasim Alhamdani, Ph.D., CCIP, CCII, CCIE

Program Chair/Professor

School of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Wasim Alhamdani

Wasim AlHamdani's been in high education for more than 35 years and has worked in many national and international education universities; He mentored several graduate research and published many research papers and textbooks. Wasim AlHamdani's general research interests are Cyber Security, Cryptography, and Cyber Security Management. His current research areas include Information Security Mathematical Modeling, Cyber Security Resilient Architecture Design, Ontologies with Cybersecurity, and Ethics with Cryptography. He had created, taught, and managed numerous online courses since 2001. He developed many online, hybrid, synchronizes, and asynchronous undergraduate and graduate courses on different Student Management platforms. He developed many techniques to prevent cheating in online education. He is currently a Cyber Security Curriculum Adviser for two international universities. With the following degrees: Ph.D. Computer Science University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK (1985) M.Sc., Computer Science, Loughborough University of Technology, Loughborough, UK (1981) B.Sc. , University of Basrah, Iraq (1976).