Farah Morshali

Adjunct Faculty

General Education

Farah Morshali, MA in TESOL

Farah Morshali her Master’s in TESOL from Shiraz Azad University. Having been a university lecturer for more than twenty years, she has taught a variety of TESOL major courses including advanced technical writing, academic writing, research methods, general linguistics, English language testing, and English teaching methodology, as well as TOFEL and IELTS courses. Her research work and publications focus on teaching and learning English.

Having had extensive experience working with ESL students, Farah prides herself in creating a classroom environment that accommodates the needs of her individual students while still promoting a high level of critical thinking and language skills. Some of her most invaluable experience as an instructor have come from helping struggling students to grasp nebulous concepts through a perfect combination of individual conferences, class activities, and group discussion.

Ever since she started teaching, Farah has been passionate in her genuine commitment to three things: maximizing individual student performance, inspiring students’ interest in learning, and instilling a sense of self-worth among all students. She has dedicated her career to each of these pursuits, and as a result most of her students call her a “ball of energy.” Having been an educational manager and a supervisor for years, she is especially patient and sensitive to learners and peers who may need special attention. She truly enjoys spending time with students, and finding their excitement when they finally get a tough concept so gratifying. Her teaching style is to guide students as opposed to just telling them the answers so that they can develop independent thinking and problem solving skills.web