Dr. Victoria Ashiru

Adjunct Faculty

School of Business

Victoria Ashiru

Doctor of Management, International Operational Management, University of Maryland University Campus

Master of Science, Management/Human Resources Management, University of Maryland University Campus

Bachelor of Science, Information Systems Management, University of Maryland University Campus

Human Resources Management

Business Ethics

International Business

Organizational Behavior

Managing Organizational Change

Career Management and Development

Human Resources Coordinator, International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC

Human Resources Assistant, Overseas Personal Section, Commonwealth Secretariat, UK

New Change Management ideas

Sustainability and Climate Change as core business issue

Corporate wellness and mental health

New HR communication software for real time information

Career Planning and Management


  • Conflict Management
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Event Planning and Human Resource Management
  • Human Resources Law
  • International Business
  • Introduction to Business
  • Labor Relations
  • Managerial Communication

Organizational Behavior and HR Management

Principles of Management

  • Strategic Human Resource Management

Emotional Intelligence

Mock Interviews

Develop graduate courses

Oversee course curricula

Advise students for the academic and career development

Assist students prepare for interviews

  • Supervise graduate and undergraduate internship programs
  • Organized and sponsored field trips for students in my Labor Relations class to visit American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations(AFL-CIO) in Washington DC
  • Organized and sponsored my students to attend IMF Toastmaster’s Club
  • Member, Doctoral Advisory Committee.

Society of Human Resources Management

Project Management institute

Fairfax University of America

4401 Village Drive 2nd Floor

Fairfax, VA 22030