Dr. Qamar Munawer

Adjunct Faculty

School of Computer Information Systems

Qamar Munawer

I received my MS in Computer Science and PhD in Information Technologies degrees from George Mason University VA. I have more than 25 years of teaching and more than 10 years of working in their industry experience.

As an adjunct faculty I have taught at North Virginia Community college and Strayers University. I have also worked as Senior Instructor in the Education Department of Sybase Inc. (Now SAP Inc.) where I taught courses on Database design, performance and tuning, Data Replication, Database management and administration of relational databases. I have also delivered training to corporate DBAs on Sybase IQ, a data warehouse product. I am certified Database Professional and SQL Developer.

I am teaching courses on Data warehouse, Data mining, Business Intelligence and Database security and Data Protection.

My research interests include Information Security, Database Management and Security, access control and Cryptography.

Ph.D., George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

MS Computer Science, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

  1. Database Management Systems
  2. Information Security

Adjunct Faculty, 2015 –Present

Fairfax University of America /Virginia International University, Fairfax, VA

Courses Teaching: Database Security and Data Protection, Network and Information Security,  Database Management Systems I and II, Distributed Databases, Data Warehouse, Data Mining  to graduate classes.

Adjunct Faculty, 2017 – Present

North Virginia Community College, Annandale, VA

Teaching Computer Science Courses.


Senior Instructor, 1998 – 2004

Sybase Inc.

Course Taught: Database Administration, Replication Server Administration, Sybase IQ (data warehouse), Physical and logical database design, Introduction to SQL.

Adjunct Faculty, 1995 – 1997

Strayer University, VA

Courses Taught: Distributed Databases, Introduction to UNIX

Adjunct Faculty, 1993 – 1997

North Virginia Community College, VA

Teaching Assistant, 1993 – 1998

George Mason University, VA

Courses: Database Management Systems (INFT 614)

Teaching Assistant, 1991 – 1993

George Mason University, VA

Courses: Calculus I, Calculus II

Other Experience

2005 – 2017

Consultant at Fanniemae Inc. Manage team assignments and projects to resolve database production issues.  Supporting application teams to identify and resolve application performance problems. Administration of Sybase ASE servers of 12.5 and 15.0.3 versions and Replication Servers with warm standby as well as adhoc replication including function string replication. Resolving data discrepancy issues in contingency servers. Upgraded ASE servers to 15.0.3 esd4 and Replication servers to RS 15.2. Participated in Data recovery exercise (Fail-over and Fail-back). Tuning ASE and Replication servers for optimal performance. Supporting application teams in performing  day-to-day tasks like code builds, restoration of data, capacity planning and resource allocations. Trouble shooting and tuning ASE applications (store procedures and adhoc queries) for optimal performance keeping in mind replication and ASE resources.  Used ASE utilities like sysmon, optdiag and trace flags for analysis.

  1. Access Control
  2. Optimization of Databases
  1. CMP 220: Operating Systems
  2. CMP 511: Computer Architecture and Implementation
  3. CMP 556: Database Management Systems 1
  4. CMP 622: Database management Systems II
  5. CMP 626: Distributed databases
  6. CMP 628: Special Topics in Data Management
  7. CMP 629: Data Management Capstone Project
  8. CMP 624: Data Warehouse
  9. CMP 640: Decision Support and BI
  10. CMP 643: Database Security and Data Protection
  11. CMP 688: Text Analytics
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2.S. Osborn, R. Sandhu and Q. Munawer. Configuring Role-Based Access Control to Enforce Mandatory and Discretionary Access Control Policies, ACM TISSEC, 3(2):85-106, May 2000.

3.Ravi Sandhu and Qamar Munawer, How to do Discretionary Access Control Using Roles, ACM RBAC 1998.

  1. Ravi Sandhu and Qamar Munawer, The ARBAC99 Model for Administration of Roles, ACSAC 1999.
  1. Ravi Sandhu and Qamar Munawer, The RRA97 Model for Role-Based Administration of Role Hierarchies, ACSAC 1998.
  1. Ravi Sandhu and Qamar Munawer, Simulation of the Augmented Typed Access Matrix Model (ATAM) Using Roles, INFOSECU 1999

Sybase Instructor of the year 2002.

Fairfax University of America

4401 Village Drive 2nd Floor

Fairfax, VA 22030