Dr. Ademola Asaya

Adjunct Faculty

School of Business

Ademola Asaya

• DM – Doctor of Management
Colorado Technical University
Colorado Springs

• MBA – Technology Management
University of Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona

BBA – Bachelor of Art: Applied Computer Science.
• University of District of Columbia
Washington, DC

  1. Information Technology Services management
  2. Pedagogy
  3. Career Counselling & Mentoring
  4. Course development
  • Education and Enterprise Consulting.
  1. Human Capital Development in Africa – Issues and Governance
  2. Education Modalities for Adults in developing economies.
  3. The promise and prospects of E Governance – why and why not?
  1. Basic and advanced Business management courses
  2. Introductory and advanced course levels for project management education
  3. Courses associated with the professional credentialing in Project Management.
  4. Strategic Management courses
  5. Emerging business tools and techniques – related topics of; Risk management, Implementation approaches as well as paradigms of Market dynamics.

Gathering Your Research Data Overseas: Six helpful points you need to consider. https://www.amazon.com/Gathering-Your-Research-Data-Overseas-ebook/dp/B01AS7NS6C


All you Ever Wanted to Know About Friendship: Learn to be a friend…                       2016


Business Process Consulting:                                                                                                Beijing, China 2009

Utilizing Conceptual Framework of Action Research Methodology to address Organization Change process               I participated in an Action Research (AR) Consultative workshop between Colorado Technical University – Doctoral program, and a Chinese firm. The objective was to introduce AR approach for addressing emerging needs of the firm and the processes for implementing enterprise-wide changes.

Resolve Consulting llc – OWNER.

Resolve Consulting LLC provides consulting services through a web of highly informed professionals from diverse Information technology, Management, Technical, and Organizational work experiences. Our collective knowledge scope could be applied in solving some of the challenges in today’s business management and technology services provisioning.

Member IRB Committee, FXUA

  • COBIT-F v 4.0; Foundation Certified             2011
  • ITIL: v3 Expert Certified                                                                                        2010
  • PMP: Project Management Professional                2007
  • Organization Development & Change (odnetwork.org                2012
  • Academy of Management (aom.org)                                                            2009
  • ITSMFUSA (itsmfusa.org); I                                                            2005

Project Management Institute  (www.pmi.org)

Fairfax University of America

4401 Village Drive 2nd Floor

Fairfax, VA 22030