Dr. Shufang Ni

Adjunct Faculty

General Education

Shufang Ni, PhD

Doctor of Philosophy (Major: Educational Technology), University of Kansas

Master of Arts (Major: TESOL), University of Kansas

Bachelor of Arts (Major: English Literature and Linguistics), Providence University

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Computer-assisted Language Learning
  • Foreign Language Teaching Methods
  • Multiculturalism
  • APLX 510 Second Language Acquisition
  • APLX 615 Pedagogical Grammar for Communicative Classrooms
  • APLX 520 Introduction to Multilingualism
  • APLX 572 Technologies for Language Learning

Yen, Y.C. & Ni, S. (2012). The Effects of Annotations of Illustrations and Simplified Text on College Students’ Reading Comprehension in the Web-based Learning Environment. In T. Amiel & B. Wilson (Eds.), Proceedings of EdMedia: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology 2012 (pp. 2671-2680). Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved September 28, 2017 from http://www.editlib.org/p/41142.

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Ni, S. F. & Aust, R. (2008). Examining teacher verbal immediacy and sense of classroom community in online classes. International Journal on E-Learning , 7( 3), 477-498.
Retrieved September 28, 2017 from  http://www.edtech.ku.edu/research/papers/shu_fang.pdf .

Huang, T. H. & Ni, S. F. (2008). The effects of text type on Taiwanese college English majors’ listening comprehension. Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences, Taiwan.

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Ni, S. F. (2005, June). Two instructional strategies to shorten the psychological distance in online learning. Paper presented at Conference of e-Learning Design and Management, Taiwan.

  • The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT)

Fairfax University of America

School of Education

4401 Village Drive Second Floor

Fairfax, VA 22030

Farah Morshali

Adjunct Faculty

General Education

Farah Morshali, MA in TESOL

Farah Morshali her Master’s in TESOL from Shiraz Azad University. Having been a university lecturer for more than twenty years, she has taught a variety of TESOL major courses including advanced technical writing, academic writing, research methods, general linguistics, English language testing, and English teaching methodology, as well as TOFEL and IELTS courses. Her research work and publications focus on teaching and learning English.

Having had extensive experience working with ESL students, Farah prides herself in creating a classroom environment that accommodates the needs of her individual students while still promoting a high level of critical thinking and language skills. Some of her most invaluable experience as an instructor have come from helping struggling students to grasp nebulous concepts through a perfect combination of individual conferences, class activities, and group discussion.

Ever since she started teaching, Farah has been passionate in her genuine commitment to three things: maximizing individual student performance, inspiring students’ interest in learning, and instilling a sense of self-worth among all students. She has dedicated her career to each of these pursuits, and as a result most of her students call her a “ball of energy.” Having been an educational manager and a supervisor for years, she is especially patient and sensitive to learners and peers who may need special attention. She truly enjoys spending time with students, and finding their excitement when they finally get a tough concept so gratifying. Her teaching style is to guide students as opposed to just telling them the answers so that they can develop independent thinking and problem solving skills.web

Rasha Alaqeedi

Communications and University Relations-Mena Region Manager

President’s Office

Rasha Alaqeedi

Danny Rodas

Admissions Representative


Danny Rodas

Danny Rodas Garcia joined the Admissions team at Fairfax University of America (FXUA) in March 2022. He is responsible for guiding students through the application process as they take their first step toward graduation. Before joining FXUA, Mr. Rodas Garcia was the Assistant Director of Community Engagement at Earlham College. He supported campus-wide initiatives focused on community engagement, recruitment, and retention in this role.

Mr. Rodas Garcia's work with the Bonner Scholars Program at Guilford College, where he graduated in 2019, allowed him to learn ways to fight injustice. The experience deepened his passion for education access and equity for all students. Mr. Rodas Garcia was awarded the Campus Compact Award in 2017 and the Notable Latino of the Triad award in 2018 for his work in education access initiatives in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Wafia Alchurbaji

Project Manager

President’s Office

Wafia Alchurbaji

Wafia Alchurbaji is Project Manager at FXUA. Prior to joining the FXUA team, she worked in higher education admissions and recruitment as well as in administration and program design in her home-state of Michigan. She has a bachelor’s degree in education from Eastern Michigan University and is bi-lingual, with native fluency in both English and Arabic. In her free time she loves to read, hike, and spend time in nature.

Henry C. Alphin Jr., MBA, MSHE

Academic Support Manager

Academic AffairsInstitutional Effectiveness

Henry C. Alphin Jr., MBA, MSHE

Henry C. Alphin Jr., MBA, MSHE is a strategic, inclusive leadership practitioner, former executive dean and operations director, and subject matter expert on higher education economic development. Henry is called upon for strategic planning and execution, including defining new roles and developing and leading a strong team to execute on the vision of senior leadership. Henry has over 20 years of successful leadership, administrative, operations, cooperative education, accessibility, and research experience in the higher education and nonprofit communities, including Fairfax University of America, The Fairfax Institute, the International Institute of Islamic Thought, IGI Global, and 18 years at Drexel University.

Henry has been author and lead editor on multiple peer-reviewed higher education publications, including books, book chapters, and journal articles. He serves as a higher education SME for public and private organizations, including Springer Publishing and IGI Global. Henry served on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Economic Development in Higher Education (JEDHE) and the Global Business and Economics Research Journal. He was previously involved as a member of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), including the Scholars of Philanthropy of Higher Education ($OPHIE) subgroup; as well as the University Economic Development Association (UEDA), serving on the Body of Knowledge, Development, and Marketing Committees.

His personal scholarly pursuits include the philosophy of death, Nietzsche studies, immortality, eternal recurrence, posthumanity, and philosophy in literature.

Henry holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Drexel's Bennett S. LeBow College of Business, a Master of Science in Higher Education (MSHE) from Drexel's School of Education, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the triple accredited (including AACSB) program at the Warwick Business School of Warwick University.

Boshra Zawawi, Ph.D.

Senior Instructional Designer

Curriculum Development and Instructional Design

Boshra Zawawi

Boshra Zawawi is a senior instructional designer at FXUA. She holds a Ph.D. in Learning Technologies Design Research, a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Instructional Design and Development, and an e-Learning Graduate Certificate from George Mason University.

Dr. Zawawi is a creative and passionate designer who continuously searches for interactive learning solutions to support learning excellence and students’ achievement. She holds exceptional knowledge of instructional design (ID) models, adult learning theories, and sound pedagogical strategies to create learner-centered learning environments.

Dr. Zawawi has several years of ID expertise in higher education, private, and government sectors. She also has previous experience teaching in higher education. She is an Adobe Certified Professional – Adobe Captivate.

Dr. Zawawi has several publications focusing on online learning technologies, social learning, and integrating formal and informal learning for higher education students. She presented her research at national and international conferences in the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Dr. Zawawi is also the Director of Communities of Practice at the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Metro D.C. Chapter.

George Rado

Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance Coordinator

Institutional Effectiveness

George Rado

George Rado is in charge of accreditation and regulatory compliance. He is a graduate of ELTE University in Budapest, Hungary. Prior to joining FXUA, he had served as Executive Director of Capital English Academy, Medtech Institute and Sanz School. He has also served as the Academic Dean of Fortis Institute and Medtech College in the DMV area. His areas of expertise are school operations, educational administration, accreditation and regulatory compliance, program development and assessment as well as staff and faculty recruitment and development.

Dr. Jeff Radcliffe

Adjunct Professor

School of Business

Jeff Radcliffe

Senior IT professional with 30+years of proven experience supporting technical projects and programs in large organizations in the DoD and DOJ. Areas of specialization include business application development, and enterprise systems O&M.  Adjunct Professor in IT and Project Management.

Ph.D. Information Technology, Capella University
MS Technology Management and Project Management, University of Maryland University College
MS Degree E-Commerce, University of Maryland University College

  • Project Management
  • IT Project Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Quality Management

Senior technology program and project manager with specific expertise in the full life cycle of project management. Managed several large project-based technology programs supporting the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense. All programs were managed using ISSO, CMMI, and PMI standards.

PMP-610 Quality Project Management Practices
PMP-615 Risk Project Management
PMP-623 Leading Projects Across Cultural Corporate and Global Boundaries
PMP-698/699 Master Thesis I & II
IT-343 IT Project Management
IT-492/493 Senior Design Project I & II

Radcliffe, J.D. (2018). Case Study. Quality management practices: Understanding project failure. Virginia International University

US Army 1983 – 2004

Fairfax University of America
4401 Village Drive 2nd Floor
Fairfax, VA 22030

Dr. Mayyada Al Hammoshi

SCIS Program Chair

Academic Affairs

Mayyada AlHammoshi

Mayyada Al Hammoshi is working as a Computer Science program chair and associate professor at Fairfax University of America since 2016. Prior working at Fairfax University of America, Mayyada worked (2008-2015) as assistant professor and chair at University of Technology and Applied Computer Science in Sultanate of Oman.  During that period, she served as the chair of Computer Science department and supervised 37 full- time faculties. She also served as the chair of Scientific Research department to handle all the Scientific Research activities in the University.

Mayyada served as the Principal Investigator (2010-2015) for the Omani Research Council Grant’s research and supervised PhD and Master thesis nationally and globally.

Prior working in Oman, Mayyada worked (1995-2008) as a lecturer and assistant professor at the university of Mosul in Iraq.

In her more than 20 years of experience, Mayyada taught many Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, and Computer Engineering courses. She also published more than 25 papers in international peer reviewed journals and conferences. Finally, she volunteered as technical program committee, reviewer, and editorial board in many international journals and conferences.

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mosul University

Master of Science in Computer Science, Mosul University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Mosul University

  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Security
  • Wireless Networking
  • IOT Resources Management
  • Cloud Security
  • Cryptography
  • CISSP training
  • Ethical hacking
  • Router Configuration and Routing Protocols
  • Network and Information Security
  • Information Assurance
  • Network Design and Implementation,
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevision Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Wireless Networking
  • Al Hammoshi M., Alkharji M.and L.Hang. (March 2018). A Comprehensive Study of Fully Homomorphic Encryption Schemes. International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology (IJACT) Volume10, No. 1.
  • Al-Hammoshi M. (December 2017).IoT Resources Management: A Comprehensive Study Supported by the Top Providers of Things Management”, International Journal of Development Research, IJDR, Volume 07.
  • Al-Hammoshi M., (November 3rd -4th 2017). IoT Security Risks, Challenges and Recommendations. International Conference on Computing and Technology”. ICCT 2017, VA, USA.
  • Al Hammoshi M., Alkharji M. (April 18th -20th, 2017). Genetic Algorithm based key Generation for Fully Homomorphic Encryption. The 16th Annual Security Conference / ISOneWorld Conference Information Institute, Las Vegas, NV, USA.
  • Al –Hammoshi M., (November4th -5th , 2016 ). Applying GPU in weather modeling” at the International Conference on Secure Computing and Technology ICCT 2016. VA, USA.
  • Al- Hammoshi M., Singh M. and Al Bahri B. (July 2016). Accelerating High Arithmetic Intensity Storm Surge Model using CUDA. Recent Trends in Parallel ComputingISSN: 2393-8749(online), Volume 3, Issue 2.
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  • AL -Hammoshi  M., Singh M.and Al Bahri B. (April 2015). Weather Modelling using Graphical Processing Units. The symposium of innovation and integration of information technology in modern societies, CAS Ibri, Oman.
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  • AL -Hammoshi M. and Al-Sulaifini B. (2006). Kohonen Neural Network as High Performance Paradigm. IPEC 2006. Philadelphia University. Jordan.
  • Editorial board in many international journals and conferences like
  • Editor in International Journal of Digital Contents and Applications for Smart Devices, IJDCASD,Australia since 2016
  • Editor in the American Association for Science and Technology, AASCIT since
  • Pro-reviewer in CECENT, 2014.
  • Technical Program committee in International Journal of Computing and Digital System since
  • Editor in the Network and Communication Technologies Journal in the Canadian Center of Science and Education since
  • Editor in the International Journal of Digital Contents and Applications Online Submission System, IJDCA since
  • Editor in the Open Research and Science Library, ORSlib, USA since
  • Editor In Chief in the International Journal of Research and Reviews in Information Technology (IJRRIT) since
  • Peer reviewer to the Research Council of Oman since
  • Editor in the International Journal of Advanced Convergence Technology since
  • IMCIC 2019
  • Smart Cities Symposium 2018.
  • CECnet2016.
  • CECnet2014.
  • FNC2014.
  • FICIT 2012.
  • ICCM 2012.
  • DCA 2012.
  • ICINT 2011.
  • NASNIT 2011.
  • JCIT 2010.
  • SCIS Program Advisory Committee
  • SCIS Advisory Board
  • Curriculum Development for SCIS
  • Organizing committee at ICCT conferences 2016-2018
  • Iraqi minister of higher education and scientific research. Publishing in international referred journals.
  • Iraqi minister of higher education and scientific research. Teaching excellence.

Fairfax University of America

School of Computer Information Systems

4401 Village Drive Second Floor

Fairfax, VA 22030