Data Analyst

Become a Data Analyst

Modern organizations rely on technology and management information systems for their operations. Advances in computer technology make it easy to generate large amounts of valuable data, while analysis helps businesses, non-profits, and government agencies better serve their markets and shareholders. In this economic environment, data analysts are in high demand. The School of Business at Fairfax University of America in Virginia has several degree programs that prepare students for careers in data science.

Begin Your Career as a Data Analyst

Most data analysts obtain a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite for starting a career. Additionally, some professionals go on to earn master’s degrees, including a Master of Business Administration, or MBA. Those who are drawn to this field usually like working with numbers. Along with math skills, and an analytical, problem-solving orientation, students also will need to develop effective interpersonal communication and teamworking abilities. And it helps if they are also critical thinkers who manage their time well.

Degree Programs in Virginia

At Fairfax University of America, the School of Business offers two degree programs specifically for students interested in data science and who want to work as analysts:

Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems

An interdisciplinary degree program, the Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems focuses on technological processes in business and public organizations. The courses for this program include the following:

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Business Data Visualization
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Financial Analysis for Technology Manager

Master of Science in Management Information Systems

Students in the Master of Science in Management Information Systems program advance their research skills and gain experience solving complex business-oriented problems in management and technology. Students in this master’s degree program develop in-depth knowledge and experience in descriptive analysis, quantitative analysis, and operational analytics.

In addition to the management information systems degree programs for data analysts, Fairfax University of America offers micro-credentials. These skill-based certifications add range and depth to the student’s qualifications and allow for the exploration of special interests. Micro-credentials related to management information systems include the following:

  • Business Analytics Capstone
  • Data Visualization with Tableau
  • Business Analytics in Practice
  • Foundations of Business Analytics

Data Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

Data analysts, as well as operations research and management analysts, help organizations identify problems. They collect data from as many sources as possible, including client satisfaction surveys, sales data, and responses to marketing campaigns. Data also may be collected from management teams and employees. Healthcare procedures, manufacturing processes, and financial data all contribute information to these professionals.

Once the data is collected, analysts get to work finding relevant information and developing models that address problems and test outcomes. They write reports, meet with management teams and executive leadership, and work with staff to implement solutions. However, that’s not the end of the process –additional data is collected and analyzed to make sure that problems are solved, and efficient solutions are in place.

Data Analyst Employment Opportunities

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for operations research analysts is projected to grow through the year 2030. The annual median wage in May 2021 was $82,360. Management analysts earned an annual median wage of $93,000 in May 2021, and employment for this position is also projected to grow. These data analyst professionals are employed in many sectors, such as:

  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail sales

Due to advances in computer technology and software, their skills are becoming more sophisticated and more widely essential throughout the economy.

Learn More About Becoming a Data Analyst

Discover how the management information systems degree programs at Fairfax University of America in Virginia can be a stepping stone for a dynamic, rewarding career. Our focus on business-oriented, affordable degree programs ensures that students receive a practical education in the fields of their choice. We offer several financial aid resources and scholarship opportunities to help qualified students and their families access our high-quality educational programs.

At Fairfax University of America, students achieve a high level of accomplishment with small class sizes and an outstanding academic leadership team. To learn more about career paths for data analysts and our management information systems degree programs, request information or complete an online application.