Tuition Payment Plan

Tuition Payment Plan

About the Tuition Payment Plan

FXUA offers tuition payment plans to eligible students who wish to finance their tuition in multiple installment payments.

Note:  ESL Students at FXUA are not eligible to apply for a payment plan.


Eligible students can apply for a tuition payment plan through FXUA Student Portal.

You are eligible for a payment plan if:

  1. You are enrolled in an academic on-campus program;
  2. There is no financial hold on your account;
  3. You have registered for courses in the current term;
  4. You are not on the waiting list for any courses; and
  5. The installment application deadline has not passed.

After you have received confirmation of approval of your Tuition Payment Plan Application, you can make your first installment payment online through your Student Portal or at the Student Accounts Office.

Application and Payment Deadlines

There is a non-refundable fee of $30.00 per installment.

Spring 2022 Due Date
Last Day to Apply for a Payment Plan 1/18/2022
Tuition Payment Deadline 1/18/2022
1st Installment Due 1/18/2022
First Day of Classes 1/10/2022
Last Day to Add/Drop Courses(s) 1/18/2022
Eligible for 100% Refund 1/18/2022
Last Day for Eligible for 75% Refund 2/5/2022
2nd Installment Due 2/18/2022
Last Day for Elgible for 50% Refund 3/3/2022
3rd Installment Due 3/18/2022
Last Day for Eligible for 25% Refund 3/29/2022
No Refund 3/30/2022
Last Day of Class 4/24/2022

Terms and Conditions

Student will need to review and agree to following terms and conditions in order to enroll in the payment plan:

1.  Parties. I acknowledge that this Short-Term Tuition Payment Plan Agreement is solely between Fairfax University of America (“FXUA” or the “University”) and the undersigned, as a student enrolled in FXUA.
2. I agree to pay my tuition balance under the terms of this tuition payment plan.
3. I have requested this payment plan as I am unable to pay the full tuition balance at the beginning of the semester. I understand that I must timely meet all due dates that are established by the university.
4. Cancellation. I agree that the plan can’t be changed or canceled after it gets approved.
5. Interest Rate. The payment plan interest rate is 0%. I understand that I will never have to pay more than the above calculated amount for tuition.
6. Fees.  I acknowledge that I will incur non-refundable administrative fees of $30.00, per installment, and it will be included in the monthly tuition installment payment.  I will not incurr other financing fees under this plan.
7. I understand that I will not incurr late fees under this payment plan; however, I agree to pay my tuition installments on or before the due date(s) established.
8. If I pay by check and it is returned for insufficient funds, I understand I will pay a $45.00 returned check fee.
9. If I pay by credit card, I acknowledge that I am the card holder or an authorized user and the payment posted to my account is legitimate. If the payment posts to an unrelated party’s credit card, I will take full responsibility of my actions and agree to pay the full amount due, plus the charge back fee determined by the credit card company. I acknowledge that Student Accounts will place financial hold on my account and paragraph 11 “Default” clause will apply.
10. Tuition payments received are first applied against the oldest outstanding amounts.
11. Default. I acknowledge that in the event of default, the following terms will apply: a) the Student Accounts department will put a financial hold on my account; b) I will not be able to obtain transcripts upon my request until the financial hold is lifted; c) I will not be eligible to change my program of study or enroll in classes until the financial hold is lifted thus affecting my student status at the University; and, d) I must pay the full outstanding amount due before the financial hold can be lifted.
12. Lose Eligibilty for Payment Plan.  If I fail to pay my installments on time on more than one occasion, then I will not be eligible for a payment plan in future semesters.
13.  Repayment Options:  This payment plan does not qualify for deferment options.  All payments must be made within 90 days or less from the date of the first payment due, as noted in the “Payment Plan Term” section above.
14. Prepayments: If you pay the balance due under payment plan early, you will not have to pay a penalty.  You will not be entitled to a refund of the administrative finance fees.
15. Nondiscrimination Policy: It is the policy of FXUA to provide equal education opportunities to all people regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identiry and expression, family responsibilities, political affiliation, disability, source of income, place of residence or business, and veteran status.