Student Honor Code

Students at the university are bound by the University’s Honor Code in their academic activities. As such, students promise…

“…that all of the assignments I submit in all of my courses will represent my own work.

 Whenever I make use of resources to inspire, inform, or support my ideas, I will summarize, paraphrase, and/or quote those sources appropriately, citing them in APA style.

 I will not submit the same work in more than one course unless I have received explicit and specific written permission from the professor to build on related work I have previously completed.

Further, I will help to ensure fairness for all students by avoiding improper assistance or collaboration (including, but not limited to, providing or obtaining answers to assignments or tests, whether in person or online).

 I understand that it is better to submit incomplete work than to submit an assignment that contains plagiarism or another form of cheating, and I understand that I am responsible not only for following FXUA’s Code of Academic Excellence, but also for seeking guidance if I am ever unsure whether my actions will reflect the standards of academic integrity espoused by the university.

All students who enroll at the university are bound by this honor code.