Change of Program / Major

A student who is pursuing an academic program and who decides to apply for a change of program and change his or her program of study (or concentration) may apply only those courses that count towards the new degree program in the CGPA calculations and course completion percentages. The student’s normal program length will be recalculated. He or she will start with the recalculated CGPA and credits attempted and completed for the purpose of determining satisfactory academic progress. FXUA limits the number of times a student can change programs to two maximum. That means that the student must fully complete and graduate from his or her third program of study.

  1. To change a program or concentration, a student must:
  2. Submit a Change of Program or Specialization  available from the Registrar’s Office Forms page (
  3. Meet with the new program school dean for advising.
  4. Meet with the Registrar for transfer credits issues. (The transfer credit policy above applies.)
  5. Meet with the Admissions Officer to determine if extra documentation is required.


  1. If you are an F-1 visa student, you are required to obtain a new I-20 for the new program.
  2. Fairfax University of America may also place students on academic probation for failing to maintain the minimum standards at other evaluation points, unless the evaluation points require dismissal.