Add / Drop Course


After registration, a student may add a course at any time before the deadline specified in the Academic Calendar. Adding a course after the last day to add a course requires proof of extenuating circumstances as well as the written approval of both the course instructor and the school dean. Under no circumstances can a course be added after three (3) calendar days beyond the last day to add a course. Students wishing to drop a course must do so before the last day to drop a course. A course that is dropped before the specified date will not appear in the student’s academic record. Please see the refund policy for the tuition refund or contact the Accounting Office.

To add or drop a course, the student must

  1. Fill out a “Course Add/Drop Form
  2. Obtain the academic advisor’s signature
  3. Bring the completed form to the Registrar’s Office for updating in the database.
  4. Submit the completed form to the Accounting Office, and sign the revised enrollment form.