Faculty Role in Academic Governance

Faculty Role in University Governance

The Faculty Governance Policy at Fairfax University of America encompasses faculty’s primary role in the development, evaluation, institutional effectiveness, and oversight of programmatic and course support materials through regular feedback and input. The goal is to create an atmosphere where all faculty are part of a collaborative unit assisting to maintain the effectiveness of the programs and the university.

To this end, faculty are given a role in the academic governance in order to help the university meet its long-term and short-term goals. Academic Staff and Faculty share the responsibility to support Fairfax University of America’s mission and goals in following areas:

  • Monitoring Course Content and Programmatic Goals: Establishing learning goals for degree/certificate programs; contributing to the development of course descriptions and content, lessons, and effective delivery techniques to meet the learning outcomes for the courses.
  • Strategic Programmatic Development: Reviewing proposed new course offerings and revision to current course offerings, providing their expertise and input on areas for improvement and development. Participating in the systematic evaluation and revision of the curriculum through several standing committees, such as the Advisory Board, Graduate Council, and Curriculum Review Committee.
  • Maintaining Up-to-Date Learning Resources: Providing suggestions for the addition of programmatic and course materials, instructional equipment, and educational resources.
  • Maintain Oversight And Assurance Of Curriculum Effectiveness: Measuring and evaluating learning objectives, and the students’ ability to accomplish these goals. Revising course syllabi for the purpose of monitoring course content. Monitoring the achievement of student learning outcomes through a variety of review mechanisms including the advisory board, curriculum committees, and ongoing feedback from the faculty.
  • Planning For Institutional Effectiveness: Assisting the Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Quality Assurance to develop, implement, and monitor the Campus Effectiveness Plan