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Fairfax University of America

Fairfax University of America (FXUA) is a fully accredited non-profit, 501(c)(3) institution committed to setting a new standard in higher education. Through our student-centered approach, we strive to provide the most positive environment for learning available anywhere. FXUA is situated in the Washington, DC metropolitan area – the epicenter of global trade and political influence, providing students with access to diverse industries, influential global players, and immediate internship and employment opportunities.

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The FXUA approach to higher education is centered around five core values: peace, development, community, character, and stewardship. Our expertly designed business and technology undergraduate programs are complemented by unique career and life competency skills, providing you with a marketable degree in a changing world. Our goal is to ensure that you are taught by educated practitioners, not only academic theorists, and provided with near limitless access to national and international leaders in their field, throughout your entire academic journey. Long before you graduate, you will have shaped several new prosperous roads that lead to lifelong career success – guided and mentored step-by-step by some of the very best our learning community has to offer.

The FXUA “Learning to Be” curriculum provides each student with transformative learning and leadership tools to ensure competency, proficiency, expertise, and eventual mastery to take the challenges of life and turn them into opportunities with solutions. In addition, embedded within the FXUA curriculum are micro-credentials (MCs). These stackable competency and skills-based certifications allow earners to showcase learning outcomes mastered during their educational or professional journey. MCs are affordable, flexible, and brief, providing earners with the opportunity to acquire – or further develop – competencies and skills that align with their educational needs and industry demands.

The entire FXUA student-centered lifecycle ensures, from the first day, every student develops the necessary tools to reap a productive professional career. In addition, to show our confidence in our approach and our commitment to the betterment of society, we are providing a substantial yet limited number of full-tuition scholarships. Contact us today to learn more.

Letter from the President

My name is Dr. Ahmed Alwani. As the president of Fairfax University of America, let me be the first to welcome you to our university – where we are guided by the five core values of peace, development, community, character, and stewardship.

Our vision is inspired by a holistic view of the world, providing our students with the structure, competency and tools to prepare them for career success, personal growth, and a social consciousness that leads to human fulfillment, connectedness, world citizenship and the betterment of society. Our approach begins with personal growth and development, employing critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning to innovatively design creative, systemic solutions to complex real-world issues.

Under the guidance of a principled and transformative senior leadership team, a community of expert faculty, and a knowledgeable and passionate professional staff, we have crafted a state-of-the-art curriculum and developed novel programs and services focused on student success in academics, career, and human development. Our students are supported from initial contact through lifelong learning, yet they are also challenged to utilize their earned and lived competence in business and technology to contribute to a world that aims to achieve harmony and balance.


Full Scholarships Available to those who Qualify


Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) program prepares qualified students for leadership positions in the global marketplace. Future leaders will need to balance the goals of economic success with the constraints of greater social and environmental responsibility. Students are instructed by distinguished faculty with content area expertise and practical experience, learning to integrate changing human and information resources with continually developing technology, while nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit that has always been one of the key characteristics to successful businesses.

Areas of Focus

The School of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with the following four specializations:

  • Business Analytics

  • Business Optimization

  • Organizational Development

  • Social Innovation

Business Analytics

Focuses on the use of business analytics to develop models using varied and complex data sets and, implementing model results to resolve complicated business problems.

Bachelor of Science in
Management Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (BSMIS) prepares qualified graduates to develop, implement and maintain businesses with a foundation in both business operations and information technology practices. Taught by respected practitioners in their respective fields, this interdisciplinary degree focuses on analyzing business issues in a data-driven, evidence-based environment; identifying and leveraging principles in management, organizational behavior, operations, strategy and policy, and entrepreneurship; and developing strong leadership and communication skills while, at the same time, ensuring an ethical business approach.

Areas of Focus

The School of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems degree with the following four specializations:

  • Business Analytics

  • Business Optimization

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Information Technology 

Business Analytics

Focuses on the use of business analytics to develop models using varied and complex data sets and, implementing model results to resolve complicated business problems.

Bachelor of Science in
Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) program educates and trains students to create and implement solutions for information systems-based needs and problems in research, commercial, financial, governmental, or other types of organizations. The approach of this degree program is to integrate theoretical and practical aspects of computer science and technology. The program provides a blend of theory and applications, preparing students for a variety of Computer Science careers in industry, government, and academia; and to develop the foundation for continuing education and growth in the field of Computer Science.

Areas of Focus

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

  • Networking and Cybersecurity

  • Data Science (DS)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Develops and demonstrates an understanding of artificial intelligence techniques, algorithms, knowledge base building and heuristic search.

The Path to Success Program

Fairfax University of America (FXUA) has created the Path to Success Program (PSP), its NEW and FREE undergraduate admission process, that caters to the needs of non-traditional modern learners. The online PSP is available to all interested high school graduates or senior students (in their last year of high school) regardless of past academic performance. The PSP gives students an opportunity to learn from past experiences and build the capacities to excel at the next stage of their academic journey. The PSP provides learners with a tailored path to higher education where they can develop the skills to thrive in the 21st century and succeed in college.

Path to Success Program Structure

The PSP follows a rigorous structure that guides prospective students through clear steps starting from application submission to program completion.


Step 1 - Application

All FXUA prospective students will start by submitting an application form and additional official documentation to enter the program. The list of required documentation is described in the Path to Success Program Undergraduate Admission Requirements section below.


Step 2 - Assessment

Student applicants will complete brief online assessments that will guide FXUA’s efforts to identify prospective students’ learning gaps across the program categories and place them in a personalized program path.


Step 3 - Placement

Students will be placed in a tailored program path depending on their assessment scores. Our staff will meet with students individually to explain their program path and answer any questions.


Step 4 - Path

The PSP will provide self-paced online courses allowing students a great sense of ownership to develop within seven categories: English Language (Preparatory English or ESL), Academic Writing & Research, Math, College Readiness & Study Skills, Life & Social Skills, Transformative Learning & Leadership in Practice Skills, and Workplace Readiness Skills. With our student-centered approach, we offer highly interactive course materials and activities that focus on self-reflection and real-life application.


Step 5 - Completion

Upon successful completion of assigned PSP categories, students will earn admission to the FXUA undergraduate degree program of their choice. In addition, students will earn micro-credentials for each category they complete and an FXUA certificate of completion.

Full Scholarships Available to those who Qualify

Your Future Matters to Us

Fall 2022
Application Submission

Last Date for Fall Application Submission: August 1
Spring 2023
Application Submission by July 4

PSP Group 1 Start Date: July 11

Application Submission by August 22

PSP Group 2 Start Date: August 29

Application Submission by October 3

PSP Group 3 Start Date: October 10

Last Date for Spring Application Submission: December 5