Teacher Licensure

Teacher Licensure

FXUA’s programs are non-licensure track programs. Non-licensure track programs do not provide the initial licensure required to teach grades K-12 in American public schools. In order to obtain initial teacher licensure for such settings, interested applicants should consider their interest in and options for seeking teacher licensure to teach in K-12 American public schools. Licensure to teach can be earned by seeking the credentials in the state in which the student wishes to teach.

For current in-service teachers seeking an additional credential/add-on to their licensure, it is important to discuss your options and the applicability of our program to your career goals with your school’s principal or other local licensure liaison before applying.

Information on the routes to licensure for the state of Virginia can be found here: Licensure in VA

Below is some additional useful information on teacher licensure:

In order to be a licensed teacher within the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is important to adhere to all Commonwealth requirements.  States sometimes differ in teacher requirements and knowing the requirements for teacher licensure is very important.  Compliance with state requirements is the sole responsibility of the person seeking licensure. All students are suggested to seek certification in the state in which they wish to teach.
The Commonwealth of Virginia’s requirements and application can be found here:
Licensure for faculty also requires testing on the Praxis I and Praxis II.

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires that potential educators take a reading specialist assessment.  This assessment is called the Virginia Reading for Education (VRE).

  • Passing scores for educators wishing to specialize in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education for General Education and Special Education for Students with Visual impairments is 157 or higher.
  • Educators wishing to specialize as a Reading Specialist must achieve a score of 162 or higher

Information on registration and testing can be found at ETS: CLICK HERE.

These tests measure basic reading, writing and mathematics skills.

Information on registration and testing can be found at ETS: CLICK HERE.

Praxis Subject Assessments is a content-area test which must be passed in order to qualify to teach subject area.  Information on registration and testing can be found at ETS: CLICK HERE.