Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Student clubs encourage students to participate, lead, and learn. At FXUA, student clubs are open to all students irrespective of their program of study, nationality, or beliefs. Getting involved in extracurricular activities helps students build leadership, professional, and personal skills that will assist them long after they graduate. Through clubs, students will meet new people, share ideas, and explore their potential.

The Student Affairs Department strives to have clubs representing students’ nationalities from all areas and regions, as well as a broad range of interests.

Please use the links below to learn more about the different clubs on campus. Student Affairs encourages students to contact the president of the club to express interest. Also, think about taking on a leadership role in one of the clubs. There are many openings.

FXUA Student Clubs

African Pride
President: Abimbola Awelewa
Vice President: Fredrick Fajuru
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To create ideas through research, learning and activities. To enlighten non-Africans about the uniqueness of Africa. To inform people about the core values, norms and culture of the African continent. To foster harmony, peace and unity amongst Africans and the rest of the world.

International Mission Christian Fellowship Club
President: Blessing Eyakenyi
Vice President: Choice Ogbuchi
Public Relations Officer: Samuel Klutse
Treasurer: Lucy Umoetuk
Indian Spirit Club
President: Aniket Chordiya
The Indian Spirit Club strives to spread awareness of Indian culture and traditions by promoting cultural exchange and embracing diversity among all FXUA students, staff, and the local community. This is accomplished through social and cultural activities, general body meetings, and interactions with other students. Our events are open to all students of FXUA.
IT Club
President: Edesiri Sifo
Vice President: Samuel Klutse
President: Ijeoma Jane Ogu
The purpose of the Job Club is to assist local and international students in developing career paths, networking skills, receiving advice and job search support, in preparation for today’s internationalized, team-oriented, and multi-cultural workforce. Through coordinated activities and events, members may network with industry-specific professionals, discuss opportunities for academic internships and employment, frame career goals, share ideas on job search experiences, and offer general employment encouragement. If you have any questions about this club please contact:
Nobel Nepalese Club
President: Bigya Pandey
Vice President: Sabina Bhattarai
Purpose Statement:
A unity for Nepalese cultural preservation which emphasizes on promoting, supporting and organizing sporting activities as well as some selected social function/events.
President: Olaotan Fade
Public Relations Officer: Blessing Eyakenyi

Performing Arts Club is a club for students who enjoy and seek to express their creativity through singing, dancing, poetry, and all forms of art.

Project Management Club
Vice President: Ksenia Ostroukh
Secretary: Evgeniia Goncharenko
President: Fredrick Fajuru

The FXUA Sports Club is a part of Campus life that encourages you to achieve and maintain your fitness goals by offering a mix of different sports and activities

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