Employment Resources

Employment Resources

 If you have any questions or have a topic that you would like to have covered, send your email to career@fxua.edu.  Be sure to check your emails as the Career Services & Alumni Relations Department will be sending out a calendar with upcoming topics and scheduled employer conversations.

Diversity networking sites help students from diverse backgrounds find mentors, professional development opportunities, scholarships, internships, and employment so that diverse people can contribute to our social institutions. These sites are intended to support students from populations not typically represented in workplace leadership to ensure the next generation of decision makers represent all walks of life.

Professional Development

Professional development is the ongoing process of learning skills related to your career. These skills may needed to obtain a job and to keep it. Students should attend campus workshops on skills such as résumé building, networking, and interviewing, but should also pursue opportunities related to their fields. These may include seminars, conferences, certifications, etc. Employers are looking for someone who can identify the skills they will need to succeed and take the initiative to learn them. Remember that professional development in North America is an ongoing pursuit. Employees are expected to keep up to date on the skills and knowledge relevant to their fields.


  • Business Certifications
  • Computer Certifications

About the Career Center Library

The Career Center has a number of books which you may find helpful in your career search. These texts include resources on anything from writing résumés and cover letters, to interviewing, to career opportunities in your field.

Our titles include:

101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions Ron Fry
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen R. Covey
A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking Dan O’Hair, Hannah Rubenstein, Rob Stewart
Be a Teacher Philip Bigler, Stephanie Bishop
Best Practice Financial Management Kenneth Kaufman
Career Opportunities in Health Care Management Sharon B. Buchbinder, Jon M. Thompson
The College Grad Job Hunter Brian D. Krueger
The Complete Résumé Job Search Book for College Students Bob Adams, Laura Morin
The Directory of Business Information Resources Richard Gottlieb
Gallery of Best Cover Letters David F. Noble
Guide to Internet Job Searching Margaret Rile Dikel
How to Get Interviews from Classified Job Ads Kenton W. Elderkin
Knock’em Dead: Cover Letter Martin Yate
Knock’em Dead: Job Interview Martin Yate
Knock’em Dead: Résumés Martin Yate
Knock’em Dead: The Ultimate Job Searching Guide 2013 Martin Yate
Opportunities in Writing Careers Elizabeth Foote-Smith
The Perfect Résumé Susan Ireland
Techniques of Job Search Ross Figgins