Zelalem Chala, PhD

School of Business Program Chair, Academic Affairs

Dr. Zelalem Chala holds a PhD in Economics from Virginia Polytechnic and State University and an MS in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University. He has 20+ years of expertise in economic policy research, project management, and business plan development. With these capacities, he has served the Ethiopian government, US universities, and international development organizations. Dr. Chala is highly skilled in analyzing research datasets using various statistical and linear programming applications. He has a published book and articles related to his research works in development and environmental economics.

Dr. Chala has taught introductory and intermediate microeconomics, research methodology, and descriptive statistics courses at Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, and Wichita State Universities. Currently he is teaching for the School of Business at FXUA in the areas of business statistics, international finance, import/export management, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and introductory statistics.


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