Yun Lee, PhD

Adjunct Faculty, School of Business

Dr. Yun Lee has been educating college students for over 10 years, placing high importance on creating an interactive and a cooperative environment where students’ academic and career success can be actively supported. Dr. Lee’s teaching philosophy lies on three cornerstones: providing support and care to help students achieve their academic, career, and personal goals; engaging students to increase students’ learning; and fostering critical thinking as a crucial skill for rendering proper judgments about business problems and discerning hidden assumptions and values. Dr. Lee has continuously improved her teaching style and skills to be a proper role model and mentor for her students in their lifelong learning and individual growth. Dr. Lee’s research considers how consumers’ cognitive styles, goals, mindsets, and emotions affect consumer behavior, with a particular focus on their impact on health and prosocial behavior, self-regulation and self-control, and the underlying decision making processes involved. Dr. Lee also studies issues related to strategic brand management, marketing communication, and advertising effectiveness. Dr. Lee obtained her PhD in Marketing from the University of Iowa. She was the recipient of the University of Iowa M. Bhanu Murthy Memorial Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

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