Fazal Mahmood, PhD

Adjunct Faculty, School of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Fazal Mahmood holds both an MS and doctorate degree in engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. He has over 15 years of professional experience in system analysis, end-to-end performance, system engineering, design, development, testing, and integration with leading companies engaged in the state-of-the-art advanced wireless communications technologies. Dr. Mahmood joined Qualcomm in January 1999 as a Senior System Integration Engineer where he contributed to the implementation of the Globalstar LEO satellite communications system. The project was designed to establish an Internet connection in the sky. He worked for a short while in Nortel Communications in Canada before joining Sprint Nextel Communications in 2004 as a Senior Network Design Engineer, contributing to the research and development of emerging next generation broadband wireless technologies (4G LTE and WiMAX). Since January 2012, he has served as a Lead Performance Engineer in Alcatel Lucent. In this role, he has been conducting performance evaluation and optimization of the Sprint-ALU 4G LTE/3G CDMA network by troubleshooting and resolving top offenders, modeling capacity triggers, optimizing mobility thresholds, isolating HW problems, and tweaking system performance parameters. He has presented internationally on the subject of wireless communications and IT.


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