Mr. Farzan Soroushi, MS

Adjunct Faculty, School of Computer Information Systems

Farzan Soroushi has over 30 years of industry and academic experience in information technology and computer science along with academic administration experience as a campus dean and campus director. In addition, he has taught graduate-level and professional training courses in the areas of systems architecture, systems development and design, software engineering, IT security, and advanced cloud computing architecture and security. He currently works as an IT security consultant. Soroushi holds an MS in Computer Science from University of Oklahoma and he completed his PhD course work in information technology at George Mason University. Apart from his administrative and graduate teaching experience in metropolitan universities, he has been recognized and awarded for several years for his innovative teaching style and student-centered focus. He has been involved in online course development, design, teaching, and learning since the early days of distance learning technology. Since joining FXUA in winter of 2015, Soroushi has made a reputation for his student-centered focus and outstanding teaching style, evidenced by students’ opinions in course surveys.

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