Carmel Louis-Jacques, MIT, PhD

Adjunct Faculty, School of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Carmel Louis-Jacques is a consultant, researcher, and advisor of cyber security, information technology policy, and audit and compliance. Previous to serving as an adjunct faculty at FXUA, he served as a visiting professor at many universities in the DC/metro region and online. Dr. Louis-Jacques earned a BS and an MS from Strayer University, Alexandria, VA. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Walden University, as well as several professional development trainings to include Security+, Network+, CISSP, Operational Security, and Risk Management from the United States Department of Defense, Linthicum, MD. For the past two decades, Dr. Louis-Jacques has worked in the fields of networking, artificial intelligence, cyber security, software development and testing, and systems engineering for a myriad of private, non-profit, and federal organizations. He has in-depth knowledge of implementing curriculum in accordance with modern teaching methodologies and always strives to use motivational strategies to engage students in active learning. Dr. Louis-Jacques’s research interests include the development of the web, information security, advanced knowledge technologies (particularly in developing countries), decentralized information systems, and human-computer interaction. Within each of these domains he has investigated topics such as the impact of leadership in the application of technological innovation in developing countries. His focus is to examine the impact of technology on violence prevention, literacy development, welfare reform, and comprehensive services initiatives in emerging countries. Because his professional vision is to develop people and promote positive social change using a unique combination of education experience and new technologies, Dr. Louis-Jacques has a leading interest in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). He strongly believes that proper development of new technological innovation can internationally suppress violations of democracy, human rights, and environmental conservation principles.

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