Student Advising


Every student enrolled at FXUA has an advisor assigned to them. In the School of Language Studies, you visit your advisor to schedule classes and/or seek general advise about your program.

To access your advisor’s name/contact information, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to the Student Portal site:
    2. Click on ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES on the left navigation.
    3. Select MY ADVISOR. Find their name/contact information.

    If you are unsure of who your advisor is, or how to find them, contact us at Be sure to include your name and student ID in the email.

Our Programs

FXUA offers the following English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs

7 Weeks ESL Program

7-Week Intensive ESL Program

FXUA’s 7-week Intensive ESL Program for English language learners offers instruction at seven levels of proficiency: low beginner, beginner, elementary, low intermediate, intermediate, high intermediate, and advanced.


Non intensive Program

Non-intensive Program

Our adult ESL programs make language learning fun, flexible, and affordable! We offer on-campus courses such as Business English, ESL for Better English, Grammar & Conversation, and Public Speaking with Confidence!


The School of Language Studies at FXUA welcomes you to join our ESL community and looks forward to helping you reach your higher education or professional goals.