Master of Science in Information Systems Management – Prior to Fall 2021

This program is not longer accepting applicants and is in teach-out. Please refer to our new program if you are a new applicant.

The Master of Science in Information Systems Management (MISM) is designed to address the urgent needs of hiring managers in the information systems area with regard to the skill sets of information systems managers. Graduates will be able to manage the in-house and outsources development of information systems and perform effectively as both producer and consumer of information systems services. Program graduates will be responsible and ethical professionals who understand the economic, organizational, policy, and social dimensions of their work in this dynamic and complex field.

FXUA’s MISM program is generally completed within two years of full time study. It consists of seven (7) core courses and five (5) elective courses. The elective courses provide the opportunity for students to develop further competencies covered in the core courses based on their areas of interest.

Area # of Courses Credit Hours
Core Courses 7 21
Electives Courses 5 15
Total 12 36

MISM Core Courses

Each candidate must complete the following seven (7) core courses (21 credits):

Course Code Course Name Credit
CMP 550 IT Infrastructure in Core Courses 3
CMP 551 Research Methods 3
CMP 552 Information Systems 3
CMP 553 Analysis, Modeling, and Design 3
CMP 610 Managing IS Development 3
CMP 611 Global Information System Development 3
CMP 680 Organizational and Social Dimensions of Computing 3

MISM Elective Courses

Candidates must select five (5) courses (15 credits) from the list of courses below:

Course Code Course Name Credit
CMP 556 Database Management Systems I 3
CMP 558 Network and Information Security 3
CMP 560 Software Engineering 3
CMP 570 Enterprise Information Systems 3
CMP 591 Graduate Internship Level I 3
CMP 612 IT Project Management 3
CMP 613 Technology and Development of E-Business 3
CMP 614 Management Information Systems in Supply-Chain Management 3
CMP 620 Information Technology Governance 3
CMP 630 Network Security Audit and Forensics 3
CMP 650 Software Design and Construction 3
CMP 672 Special Topics in Information Systems 3
CMP 691 Graduate Internship Level II 3
CMP 696 Independent Study 3
CMP 697 Independent Study 3
CMP 698 Master’s Thesis I 3
CMP 699 Master’s Thesis II 3
CAR 600 Careeer Planning & Manangement 3

MISM Program Prerequisites

All new MISM students need certain basic skills to succeed in the MISM program. Students who do not have the requisite background in business administration and information technology need to take some or all of the prerequisite courses before they begin work on the core courses. In some cases, the program prerequisite courses may have course prerequisites to be taken before enrolling in the

Course Code Course Name Credit
CMP 120 Programming Logic 3
CMP 350 Database Concepts 3
BUSS 301 Principles of Management 3
BUSS 210 Introduction to Business 3

Pre-MISM Program

Students who have earned their bachelor’s degrees with less than 120 undergraduate credit hours can be given conditional admission to the MISM program, provided they enroll in and successfully complete the remaining credit hours by selecting from the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BCS) undergraduate courses offered at FXUA. Among the 120 required credit hours, the MISM program prerequisite courses must be fulfilled. Before choosing Pre-MISM courses, students must consult their academic advisor who will advise them on the appropriate course selections from FXUA’s BCS program while complying with MISM program prerequisites. Successful completion of the Pre-MISM courses will allow these students to complete the undergraduate credit hour requirement of 120 and enter into the program.

Career Paths & Opportunities
  • Information systems manager
  • Information systems project manager
  • Information systems integrator
  • Information systems security specialist
  • Database administrator
  • Chief technology officer
  • Chief information officer
  • IT consultant
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Cloud architect

The following is a sample schedule of the possible sequencing of courses in the Master of Science in Information Systems Management.

Course Code Course Name Credit
First Semester
CMP 551 Research methods 3
CMP 552 Information Systems 3
CMP 553 Analysis, Modeling and Design 3
Second Semester
CMP 550 IT Infrastructure 3
CMP 610 Managing Information Systems 3
CMP 611 Global Information Systems 3
Third Semester
CMP 680 Organizational & Social Dimensions of Computing 3
CMP XXX CMP Elective #1 3
CMP XXX CMP Elective #2 3
Fourth Semester
CMP XXX CMP Elective #3 3
CMP XXX CMP Elective #4 3
CAR 600 Career Planning & Management 3