Master of Science in Business Intelligence

Master of Science in Business Intelligence

Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence

Program Description:

In a knowledge-intensive economy, success depends on an organization’s ability to understand trends in its data and exploit it to generate intelligence to gain or maintain competitive advantage. The Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence (BI) Program is designed to meet the overwhelming need of the industry to transform raw data and information into business intelligence that is used to drive efficiency, maximize the technology investment and strengthen customer relationships.

This certificate program enables managers and system/business analysts to understand how information can be accessed from corporate databases and data warehouses, and how models can be built for a broad variety of decision problems. The modeling techniques that are covered in the program range from traditional statistical models and optimization models to cutting-edge techniques.

The Graduate Certificate program is composed of 6 courses (18 credit hours) in addition to program prerequisites. Students will take four core courses (12 credit hours) and choose two electives (6 credit hours). The Graduate Certificate can be completed within two semesters and courses are available both on campus and online

Area # of Courses Credit Hours
Core Courses 4 12
Electives Courses 2 6
Total 6 18


Prerequisite Courses

All new students in this certificate program need certain basic skills before they can enroll in the program. Students who do not have the requisite background in business administration and information technology need to take some or all of the prerequisite courses before they begin studying the courses in the program. In some cases, the program prerequisite courses may have course prerequisites to be taken before enrolling in the program prerequisite courses.

Course Code Course Name Credits
CMP 120 3
CMP 350 3
BUSS 301 3
BUSS 210 3


Core Courses

All students are required to take the following four core courses.

Course Code Course Name Credits
CMP 550 3
CMP 553 3
CMP 556 3
CMP 640 3


Elective Courses

All students must choose two of the following courses.

Course Code Course Code Credits
CMP 558 3
CMP 591 3
CMP 620 3
CMP 630 3