Graduate Programs in Information Systems

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The Graduate Programs in Information Systems (GCIS) is designed to prepare students for positions in the information systems field. The curriculum is focused on gaining a better understanding of the use of information systems to enhance business processes and the decision-making process associated with them.

Information systems professionals design, implement and deploy software solutions that are the driving force in every organization. This program accommodates students just beginning to explore the field and those with a thorough understanding of computerized information systems. Practical applications are emphasized throughout the program.

FXUA’s GCIS program is generally completed within one year of full time study. It consists of four (4) core courses (12 credits) and two (2) electives (6 credits). The elective courses provide the opportunity for the students to develop further competencies covered in the core courses, based on their area of interest

Area # of Courses Credit Hours
Core courses 4 12
Elective courses 2 6
Total 6 18

GCIS Core Courses

Each candidate must complete the following four (4) Core Courses (12 credit hours):

Course Code Course Name Credit
CMP 552 Information Systems 3
CMP 553 Analysis, Modeling, and Design 3
CMP 556 Database Management Systems I 3
CMP 570 Enterprise Information Systemss 3

GCIS Elective Courses

Candidates must select two (2) courses (6 credits) from the list of courses below:

Course Code Course Name Credit
CMP 550 IT infrastructure 3
CMP 558 Network and IS Security 3
CMP 591 Graduate Internship Level I 3
CMP 640 Decision Support and BI 3
CMP 680 Organizational and Social Dimensions of Computing 3

GCIS Program Prerequisites

All new students in this certificate program need certain basic skills in order to succeed in the program. Students who do not have the requisite background in business administration and information technology need to take some or all of the prerequisite courses before they begin studying the courses in the program. In some cases, the program prerequisite courses may have course prerequisites to be taken before enrolling in the program prerequisite courses.

Course Code Course Name Prerequisite Credits
CMP 350 Database Concepts None 3
One of the following courses:
CMP 330 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis CMP 120* 3
CMP 340 Principles of Programming Languages CMP 120* 3
CMP 355 Programming with C/C++ CMP 120* 3

* Course can be waived if student passes a standardized examination for this course or by Dean’s approval.

  • System/Programmer/Business Analyst
  • Database designer
  • Systems manager
  • Data Architect
  • Information systems director

The following is a sample schedule of the possible sequencing of courses in the Graduate Certificate in IS program.

First Semester

Course Code Course Name Credit
CMP 552 Information Systems 3
CMP 553 Analysis, Modeling and Design 3
CMP 556 Database Systems 3
Total Credits 9

Second Semester

Course Code Course Name Credit
CMP 570 Enterprise Information Systems 3
CMP XXX Program Elective 3
CMP XXX Program Elective 3
Total Credits 9