Master of Science in Accounting

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Master of Science in Accounting

The Master of Science in Accounting (MAC) degree program provides students with the technical and operational skills necessary for careers in Accounting. New financial regulations, the globalization of businesses, and pressure for organizations to be more fiscally responsible and transparent drive the need for more skilled accountants and auditors. Various agencies and organizations in the US and internationally are in constant need of professional accountants to successfully maintain their business operations. Governmental agencies, private enterprises, multinational corporations, international organizations, non-profits, and start-ups are all looking for employees with professional skills in financial and managerial accountancy, especially those with an understanding of ethical and legal issues in the global financial environment.

Courses in the MAC program emphasize financial and managerial accounting, taxation, and auditing. Students will also be exposed to international accountancy, accounting information systems, and ethical and legal issues in accounting.

FXUA’s Master of Science in Accounting (MAC) requires twelve courses and consists of two study areas that develop core competency in accounting as well as additional necessary knowledge and skills to become an accountant beyond prerequisite courses. In addition to taking the seven core courses (21 credit hours) essential to MAC, students will also select three concentration courses (9 credit hours), and take two thesis courses (6 credit hours) which will help prepare them for a career in Accounting. If desired, graduates can take an additional course aimed at successful preparation for obtaining the professional certification as a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA).

Area # of Courses Credit Hours
Core Courses 7 21
Concentration Courses 3 9
Thesis Courses 2 6
Total 12 36

Prerequisite Courses (5 Courses) 15 Credit Hours**

Applicants who have no previous business and/or management background, finance or accounting experience seeking admission into the MAC Program, and their Bachelor’s degree is not related to business and management are required to take the MAC prerequisites. All MAC applicants must demonstrate academic credit for the prerequisite courses. Applicants who cannot demonstrate academic credit for the prerequisite courses will be required to complete these courses in addition to their 36-hour MAC program of study.

Course Code Course Name Credit
ACCT 201 Principles of Financial Accounting 3
ACCT 202 Principles of Managerial Accounting 3
BUSS 303 Principles of Finance 3
ENGL 120 Academic Writing 3
STAT 200 Introduction to Statistics 3

These program prerequisites are co-requisites and may be taken at the same time. Additionally, the dean has the authority to issue permission or waiver for these courses.

Accounting Core Courses (7 Courses) 21 Credit Hours

This set of courses provides basic concept, analysis, and fundamental knowledge in auditing, taxation, financial reporting, business ethics, and information systems within the accounting field. Every MAC student must complete the following seven (7) courses:

Course Code Course Name Credit
MBA 511 Managerial Accounting and Finance 3
MBA 605 Auditing 3
MBA 608 Financial Reporting and Decision Making 3
MBA 610 Taxation of Business Entities 3
MBA 611 Business Ethics and Law 3
MBA 654 Accounting Information Systems 3
ACCT 600 Cost Accounting 3

Accounting Elective Courses (3 Courses) 9 Credit Hours

To expand their knowledge and experience in accounting, students are required to take additional courses from the provided list. Every MAC student must choose and complete three elective courses (9 credits) from the list below:

Course Code Course Name Credit
MBA 614 International Finance 3
MBA 620 Long-term Financial Decisions 3
MBA 621 Trading and Risk Management 3
ACCT 601 Advanced Financial Accounting 3
ACCT 602 International Accounting 3
ACCT 603 Contemporary Topics in Accountancy 3

Accounting Thesis Courses (2 Courses) 6 Credit Hours

The Accounting Thesis allows students to demonstrate their ability to integrate accounting practices, various business models, and business operational procedures for the purpose of maintaining an organization’s fiscal, legal, and ethical stability as well as actualize their understanding through imperial research.

Course Code Course Name Credit
ACCT 698 Master Thesis I 3
ACCT 699 Master Thesis II 3

Optional: CPA Professional Preparation Course (1 Course) 3 Credit Hours

To obtain in-depth professional preparation for passing the Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) exam, students may consider taking an additional course. The requirement for taking this course is the completion of MS in Accounting Core Curriculum.

Course Code Course Name Credit
ACCT 650 CPA Exam preparation 3

* The School of Business at Fairfax University of America is an Educational Member of the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), and has affirmed its commitment to excellence in business education.