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Greetings and welcome to the School of Business at Fairfax University of America. Thank you for visiting our school.

The mission of the School of Business at FXUA is to provide a diverse body of students with the ability to succeed in a global business environment. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping students respect, value and appreciate the wealth of diversity common to the international business community.

We are proud of our faculty who are dedicated professionals committed to serving students and helping them achieve their personal and career goals. They possess a combination of advanced academic study and practical business experience in a variety of organizations around the world. Their background and expertise is rich and deep. They serve as outstanding mentors for our students.

Business is a strong area in which to pursue your degree. Research shows that domestic employment opportunities in business and financial operations are projected to grow over the next ten years. The same is true for employment opportunities in the international business arena. So there are many reasons to consider earning your degree or certificate in one of our many programs here at FXUA.

FXUA School of Business offers internship opportunities so you can get valuable work experience while going to class. We provide a number of support services including student tutoring, career coaching, resume and interview preparation, student clubs where you can learn from experts in the local area, as well as a number of student-centered activities for fun.
We hope you will join us.

Program Chairs Administrative Staff
Dr. Ademola A. Asaya
Program Chair, PM Programs
Lena Starr
Academic Coordinator
Dr. Zelalem Chala
Program Chair, Undergraduate Programs