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We are currently not accepting applications for this program.

Have you always dreamed of exploring and experiencing other cultures and countries? Do you want to travel to teach English in the US or around the world? Do you want to be successful and make your dreams reality?

The program seeks to be a pioneer in the field of language teaching by building a curriculum that includes recommendations from employers. This keeps our curriculum up-to-date and cutting edge, providing graduates with a needed edge in their job search.

The FXUA difference is evident in the TESOL program in its commitment to the preparation of graduates with a solid foundation in the teaching of ESL/EFL. Delivery of the curriculum is only one aspect of the programs at FXUA. Come experience the personalized, accessible, engaging, and fun experience!

FXUA’s MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) program prepares students to work as English teachers in a world where the global need for English language skills is growing. Students will also gain valuable classroom experience through observation and supervised teaching.

The mission of the MA in TESOL program at Fairfax University of America is to enable students to be successful language teaching professionals in a wide variety of contexts and among diverse student populations in the US and abroad by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and experience to contribute to and excel in innovative and collaborative work environments.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be qualified to teach English in a variety of educational settings in the US and abroad, such as:

  • Intensive English programs
  • Private language schools
  • Adult education programs
  • English as a second (ESL) and English as a foreign (EFL) language programs

Please note that this program does not provide the licensure required to teach grades K-12 in American public schools. In order to obtain teacher licensure, please contact the respective state Department of Education to determine eligibility and requirements.

By completing our MA in TESOL program, students will be comprehensively prepared to:

  • Apply a solid linguistic and pedagogical base to their classroom teaching
  • Manage a variety of classroom scenarios effectively
  • Develop and create interesting and meaningful teaching materials
  • Evaluate and assess student performance
  • Use innovative technology in the classroom
  • Communicate effectively with students from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds

Top 5 Reasons to Choose the SED

  1. Programs designed around the skills and abilities employers are looking for. Each year we meet and discuss trends in the field with our program advisor boards who provide input that we use to ensure that our curriculum adjusts to the needs of the field.
  2. Ongoing professional development opportunities outside of the classroom. In our innovative speaker series, Voices from the Field, we invite local community leaders, teachers, administrators, researchers, and other visionaries in the field of education to share their experiences, serve as relatable role models, give practical advice, raise our students’ awareness of new trends, and expose students to opportunities for hands-on experience, professional development, volunteering, and more.
  3. Learner-centered classrooms. Our classes provides dynamic and interactive experience in which pre-service and in-service teachers contribute actively to each other’s professional development, not only as classmates, but as colleagues.
  4. Internationally minded student body and programs. FXUA is a unique institution in which you can interact with students from all over the world. This setting offers students the ability to grow and learn from and with peers from differing backgrounds and experiences.
  5. World-class faculty and staff. Our highly skilled and dedicated faculty have practical experience and expertise in a wide variety of areas, including curriculum development, technologies for language learning, language acquisition, and student engagement.

Mode of Delivery

FXUA’s School of Education embraces a learning model that allows for a hybrid learning environment in which students can benefit from a combination of online coursework and in-class meetings. The purpose of a hybrid format is to allow for flexibility in ways that enable students to learn and grow outside of the walls of the classroom.

Program-Specific Admission Requirements

Admission to the program does not require any previous coursework in pedagogy or language studies. A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in any field is required for admission.

Each candidate is also required to submit a resume or curriculum vitae detailing his/her work history and education, along with a 500-word statement of purpose describing his/her academic interests, professional objectives, reasons for applying to the program, and areas of interest to be explored in the program. In addition, the candidate is required to submit a minimum of two (2) official recommendation letters, at least one of which must be dated within the past three years. These recommendations must be from professionals (preferably current or former instructors or employers) who can speak to the candidate’s academic abilities, and must be written in English or accompanied by official translations. Recommendations must include contact information with a minimum of an email address (preferably an institutional email address) and physical mailing address. By submitting recommendations, applicants are permitting FXUA to contact recommenders on their behalf regarding their application.

Additionally, since the language of instruction at FXUA is English, candidates will need to provide evidence of sufficient English language proficiency by obtaining academic-level scores on all components of the placement and exit test or by submitting examination information from an approved standardized examination (examples: TOEFL, IELTS, etc.).


Fairfax University of America is an accredited institution of higher learning holding accreditation through the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) that is certified to operate by the Virginia State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV). Additionally, information on accreditation can be found in the Accreditation and Certifications section of the academic catalog.

Tuition and Fees
The current tuition and fees for this program can be found on FXUA’s tuition and fees page.

NOTE: Please note that this program does not provide the licensure required to teach grades K-12 in American public schools. In order to obtain teacher licensure, please contact the respective state Department of Education to determine eligibility and requirements.

The outcomes of the program are interwoven throughout all courses within the degree. Students are expected to make progress towards meetings these outcomes throughout their program of study. The learning outcomes are to:

Program Outcomes
PO-1: Understand the nature, structure, and uses of human language and theoretical models of language acquisition.
PO-2: Critically analyze current research regarding language learning and teaching, and demonstrate knowledge of research findings and how to apply them.
PO-3: Design language courses, assessment practices, and learning environments for a particular program and its curriculum.
PO-4: Make principled use of established, new, and emerging technologies to promote access, engagement, and success in learning both within and beyond the classroom.
PO-5: Utilize critical-thinking skills to problem-solve issues faced by language learners and educators.
PO-6: Use community, institutional, and technological resources to demonstrate use of proper academic communication, ethics, and professionalism.

This program requires completion of a portfolio. You can find information here.

Students in this program will take part in a practicum experience. Information about the practicum experience can be found here.

FXUA’s TESOL program offers you high quality instruction from skilled and experienced professionals in the fields of TESOL, linguistics, and second language acquisition to equip you for a successful career in the growing field of English instruction. Our MA in TESOL program places strong emphasis on practical experiences as our TESOL students can observe our ESL teachers in FXUA’s ESL program. Our MA in TESOL students also have the ability to interact with our ESL students and teachers as well as the possibility to teach in our ESL program to gain practical experience.

Upon completion of our program, students will be comprehensively prepared to be English language teachers in a wide variety of settings and educational levels in the US as well as abroad.

Please note that our TESOL programs do not provide the licensure required to teach grades K-12 in American public schools.

Program-Specific Graduation Requirements

All candidates for graduation are required to submit a formal Summative Concentration Portfolio, the details of which include: Part A-Career Preparation; Part B-Two Writing Samples; Part C-Concentration Application; and Part D-Practicum Experience. The required minimum cumulative GPA for graduation from this program is 3.0.

Program Details

  • 12 courses (36 graduate credits) are required for graduation, including 7 core courses (21 credits) and 5 electives (15 credits)
  • Program can be completed in 4 semesters of full time study
  • Can be completed part-time or full-time
  • Very affordable tuition
  • Convenient location and schedule
Area # of Courses Credit Hours
Core courses 7 21
Elective courses 5 15
Total 12 36

MA in TESOL Core Courses (will take all of the following)

Course Code Course Name Clock Hours Credit Hours
APLX 500 Introduction to Language and Applied Linguistics 45 3.0
APLX 510 Introduction to Language Acquisition 45 3.0
APLX 530 Language Teaching Methods 45 3.0
APLX 540 Language Curriculum and Materials Design 45 3.0
APLX 550 Language Assessment 45 3.0
APLX 615 Pedagogical Grammar for Communicative Classrooms 45 3.0
APLX 665 * TESOL Practicum 130 3.0

Elective Course Options:

MA in TESOL Elective Courses (will take five of the following)

Course Code Course Name Clock Hours Credit Hours
APLX 572 Technologies for Language Learning 45 3.0
APLX 620 Teaching Pronunciation 45 3.0
APLX 623 Teaching Multiliteracy 45 3.0
APLX 630 Sociolinguistics in the Classroom 45 3.0
APLX 635 Intercultural Communication 45 3.0
APLX 655 Special Topics in Applied Linguistics 45 3.0
EDUC 590 Program Administration 45 3.0
EDUC 595 Program Development and Evaluation 45 3.0
EDUC 574 Materials Development for Online Learning 45 3.0
EDUC 575 Online Teaching Principles and Practices 45 3.0
EDUC 576 Course Design for the Virtual Classroom 45 3.0
EDUC 640 Introduction to Research Methods 50 3.0
MBA 513 Organization Behavior and HR Management 45 3.0
MBA 514 Marketing Management 45 3.0
MBA 516 Strategic Management and Organizational Leadership 45 3.0
MBA 624 Advertising and Promotion 45 3.0

* APLX 665 must be taken either after or together with APLX 530 or APLX 540

Information for Students on an F-1 Visa
Please note that students on an F-1 Visa are responsible for maintaining their own visa status. Students with an F-1 Visa are required to take the practicum course (APLX 665) with at least one other on-ground course in order to remain in-status. Further information on requirements for students holding an F-1 Visa can be found through the International Student Services Office.

The following is a sample schedule of a likely sequencing of courses in the MA in TESOL program. A listing of actual courses being offered each semester is available through the registrar’s office.

Course Code Course Name Credit
Fall Semester
APLX 500 Introduction to Language and Applied Linguistics 3.0
APLX 530 Language Teaching Methods 3.0
Spring Semester
APLX 510 Introduction to Language Acquisition 3.0
APLX 550 Language Assessment 3.0
Fall Semester
APLX 540 Language Curriculum and Materials Design 3.0
APLX 615 Pedagogical Grammar for Communicative Classrooms 3.0
Spring Semester
APLX 665 TESOL Practicum 3.0

Read our Academic Catalog to learn more about degree programs, course offerings and descriptions, policies, procedures, and available student services at Fairfax University of America.