Multicultural Chambers Alliance Candidate Forum 2018 being held at Fairfax University of America!

Multicultural Chambers Alliance Candidate Forum 2018 being held at Fairfax University of America!

November 2018 Election Candidate Forum – Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm – This Candidate Forum is being sponsored by the Multicultural Chambers Alliance of Northern Virginia.  The Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce, and the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce are lending their time and resources to create a platform for the candidates running in the November 2018 election to speak about their political positions. The event is bi-partisan and committed to representing the varying political views that impact voters’ choice in the upcoming General Election. Candidates running in this area’s Federal, State, and Local races will be present to communicate their platforms.  This year’s Candidate Forum will be held at Fairfax University of America located at 4401 Village Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030.  Candidates for the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Senatorial race and candidates for the 8th, 10th, and 11th Congressional Districts will be participating in this year’s Candidate Forum.  Become an informed voter by attending this event to meet the candidates running for office in the key races for the US Senate and House of Representatives in our region.

About The Multicultural Chambers Alliance: 

The Multicultural Chambers Alliance is a collaborative partnership between the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce the Asian American Chamber of Commerce and the Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce.  By working together to collaborate and share resources, we are able to broaden our network and to better serve our individual members and constituency. To learn more about the Members of the Multicultural Chambers Alliance, please visit our respective websites at: ,

About Fairfax University of America:
Fairfax University of America is a private, non-profit university with a mission to educate students from all over the world through a highly qualified, equally diverse faculty and staff. FXUA strives to provide academic programs at the graduate, undergraduate, and certificate levels that engender the intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity urgently needed in the global community and with the commitment to providing students with the knowledge to achieve excellence in research, scholarship, and creative endeavors. For more information about FXUA, visit:

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