Fairfax University of America Hosts Zhejiang Business College President and Delegates

Fairfax University of America Hosts Zhejiang Business College President and Delegates

FAIRFAX, VA- On Thursday, August 10, 2017 Fairfax University of America (FXUA) hosted the President and delegates from the Zhejiang Business College (ZJBC) of Zhejiang, China. The 21 delegates toured the university’s facilities and observed FXUA’s educational learning processes and structures. After the campus tour, FXUA staff presented information on the university’s programs and services including career development and placement.

At the end of the event both universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding to foster further academic collaboration and educational exchange of information on business studies between FXUA and ZJBC. FXUA’s Vice President of Academic and University Affairs, Dr. Bahceci invited delegates to meet FXUA faculty and deans in person after the event. Suleyman

FXUA aims to foster a truly diverse community of faculty and students through academic partnerships with the universities across the globe. The goal of the partnerships initiative is to provide students from different parts of the world with equal opportunities for education and prepare them for the global marketplace.

Fairfax University of America (FXUA) is a non-profit institution in Fairfax, Virginia that intends to make quality education affordable to students with diverse backgrounds. FXUA offers over 20 cutting edge degree and certificate programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels on campus and online. FXUA also offers non-degree programs, including English as a Second Language (ESL), continuing education, and test preparation. For more information about FXUA, call (703) 591-7042 or (800) 514-6848 or visit the University website,

Zhejiang Business College (ZJBC) is a time-honored institution. It has developed from its predecessor Hangzhou Secondary Commercial School, which was founded in 1911. Embracing its school motto of “Honesty, tenacity, diligence and simplicity” and adhering to the guide-line principle of “nurturing talents and serving society”, ZJBC has, over the past one hundred years or so, turned out a multitude of professionals, among whom are such celebrities as Mr. Luo Gengmo the economist and Mr. Zhang Naiqi the patriot.

FXUA Media Contact:
Jane Bondarenko, PR Specialist

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