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Press Release (October 16, 2013)

FXUA’s Announces the Launch of the Writing Research and Media Center Fairfax University of America (FXUA) is very proud to announce the launch of the Writing, Research, and Media Center (WRMC)! FXUA’s commitment to improving the success of its students is evident in the launch of the Writing, Research and Media Center (WRMC). The Center Director, Kevin Martin, says that the Center will serve to “enhance the success of students in support of their written work and communication skills. Students will learn life-long skills that will help them advance in their eventual careers and professional lives.” The goals of the center are to promote and foster professional level communication in support of students’ academic preparation. The WRMC is located in the Student Affairs Building. WRMC hours for the Fall 2013 semester will be from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday. Virtual sessions are available for FXUA Online students. The Writing, Research, and Media Center (WRMC) is meant to provide support and suggestions for students with their written work. Students can meet with a Writing Center Coach in thirty minute blocks to discuss any problems or questions that they might have. Students should bring a printed copy of the writing for review and should have reviewed their paper before coming to their coaching session. The WRMC can provide proof that a student has visited the Center if requested. Students are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment in advance as students who have scheduled appointments will receive priority over walk-ins. Appointments can be scheduled at Questions can be directed to Kevin J. Martin, Director of the School of Education, at