Student Employment FAQs

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Where can I find open positions?

You can view open positions on the On-Campus Employment page under the Open Positions section. Students interested in on-campus employment will not be able to apply directly for open positions; the job descriptions are for informational purposes only. If no open positions are listed, you may still apply for student employment. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted if any positions do open up.

What is the eligibility criteria to work on campus?

In order to be eligible for on-campus employment, students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and they must not have any outstanding financial obligations with FXUA.

Am I eligible to work on campus and CPT/Internship outside campus?

Yes, students can work on-campus and work on CPT off-campus at the same time, but it will be the student’s responsibility to comply with USCIS regulations and make sure that he/she does not exceed more than 20 combined hours per week.

Am I eligible to work my first semester?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for on-campus employment during your first semester. Priority, however, will be given to those students who have been enrolled at FXUA for at least one semester.

How can I get my Social Security Number?

If you are hired by the University, Human Resources will issue you a work verification letter and you will be able to use this to apply for a Social Security Number with the Social Security Administration office.

What is the hiring process for on-campus employment?

Student must apply online through the On-Campus Employment page by submitting a Student Employment Application, Cover Letter, and Résumé. Interviews for on-campus employment will be held at the beginning of each semester and periodically throughout the semester as needs arise. Students who have been chosen for on-campus employment will be placed in an open position appropriate with their skillset and interests. When no positions are available, chosen students will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted when a suitable position opens up.

What if I am not selected for a position?

If you are not selected for a positon, it may be that your particular skillset is not in demand at the time. However, if you are in need of development in some area, you may be referred to the Career Center to work on your cover letter, résumé, or interview skills. We want to make sure all students are prepared to enter the workforce with the necessary employment skills and will make every effort to work with you to aid you in that preparation.