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Staff Pay Calendar

Pay Dates

All pay dates for the current year are indicated by a red outlined box. All full-time employees are paid at the end of the current pay period. All part-time employees are paid one pay period in arrears.

Note: PTO and other paid time off is charged to an employee’s balance one pay period in arrears. LWOP, when possible, is charged to the current pay period.


All scheduled FXUA holidays for the current year are indicated by a blue box. Any employee who is asked to work on a pre-scheduled holiday will have a floating holiday automatically added to their balance. Floating Holidays are given for this purpose only.

Timesheets Due

Timesheets for all part-time employees are due to the Human Resources office no later than two business days following the end of the respective pay period.
​Timesheets that are not submitted (with approval) by this date will be paid on the following pay period.