COVID-19 and International Students in the United States

COVID-19 and International Students in the United States

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has continually provided guidance on COVID-19 via their website ( Relevant portions related to students in the United States on the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) can find related information under the “Nonimmigrant Students” portion of the page. This content is continually updated as changes occur. While FXUA commits to keeping its students on an international student visa, such students should monitor this page frequently.

The following information is provided solely for information purposes, and any affected student should consult the relevant requirements issued by SEVP/ICE.

Background Information
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, F-1 students at distance education approved schools pursuing a degree program were only allowed to take up to one online course each semester. Given the rapid spread of the pandemic in Spring 2020, this rule was temporarily modified in March 2020 allowing F-1 students to continue their coursework fully online. This special accommodation was carried over to the period comprising FXUA’s Summer I and Summer II semesters.

Current Status

On July 6th, SEVP issued a new Broadcast Message outlining the updated modifications to the Fall 2020 semester. All individuals on an F-1 visa studying at FXUA are encouraged to read and understand the full broadcast message here:
We will do what it takes to ensure that all students can be compliant with all local, state, federal and accreditation requirements as applicable. This will include a hybrid option that ensures that students are able to be in status, while also keeping our entire learning community safe and healthy.

What This Means for Our FXUA Community

We are actively working on identifying ways to interpret this that both keep our valued international students in status, but also allowing for the health and safety of our entire learning community. Our priority is dual fold, 1) maintaining instructional continuity for students, and 2) ensuring that our community is safe. We are weighing means of balancing both at this time, and further information will be provided here as we finalize plans that allow our international students to remain in status and engaged in learning at FXUA.

FXUA, has been making plans in the event that we were required to revert to the original regulations surrounding the F1 student, requiring in-person instruction. We commit to keeping our entire learning community updated on our plans for the Fall 2020 Semester.