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School of Education Mission and Outcomes

The mission of the School of Education at Fairfax University of America is to provide a diverse and practical preparation for graduates to serve in roles of educational leadership, social change and instructional design and delivery. The School provides a globally-inspired education from faculty who are experts in the field of education and leadership.

The School’s core mission is achieved through the following learning outcomes:

  1. Engage in critical thinking and innovative problem solving for successful leadership in a variety of educational organizations.
  2. Communicate and collaborate with stakeholders in an effective and professional manner.
  3. Create meaningful and supportive learning environments with a focus on student success and social justice.
  4. Utilize research to inform the development of curricula, course content, and assessment tools to meet the needs of students and communities.
  5. Demonstrate expertise in content areas
  6. Creatively utilize technology skills to achieve learning objectives in a variety of modern educational environments.

The FXUA difference positions graduates for real-world success and scholarly achievement to contribute to the field of education in a profound and rewarding way!