Social Sciences & Cross Cultural Studies Division

Social Sciences & Cross Cultural Studies Division
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Social sciences courses are seen as a foundation for FXUA students’ social skills in order to be sensitive to the human condition with self-confidence and self-understanding.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Interpret human behavior and develop skills to successfully interact with individuals at all levels of society.
  2. Critically analyze the organization of society and the role of individuals and groups in the larger society.
  3. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of ethical norms to exercise independent judgment and ethical decision-making.
Distribution of Courses (2 Courses/6 Credit Hours):
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
GOVT 120 Comparative Government 3
GOVT 130 American Society and Politics 3
GOVT 140 International Relations 3
GEOG 101 World Geography 3
HIST 101 World History  3
PSYC 101 Psychology 3
SOCI 101 Sociology