FXUA Policy on Completion of General Education Requirements

In the interest of providing an enriched academic classroom experience for undergraduate students, FXUA has set forth the following regulations on the completion of the General Education component of the bachelor’s degree programs.
General Education courses comprise a total of 36 credit hours of any bachelor’s degree at Fairfax University of America.  This is a total of 30% of the undergraduate degree requirements. General Education at FXUA provides a clear foundation for all of the courses that a student will take throughout the academic program of study. In the interest of promoting an environment that engenders the intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity required of well-rounded students, FXUA requires that all students complete all 36 hours of general education courses by the time the student reaches completion of 60 semester credit hours of study.

If for extenuating circumstances, a student has not met all general education requirements by the time they complete their 60th credit, they will be required to work with their academic advisor to create a General Education Completion Plan. The plan outlines the steps that the student will be required to take to complete their General Education requirements in a clear and expeditious manner. Upon approval by the student and academic advisor, the plan would be submitted to the General Education Department for final approval. The head of the General Education department will then submit the finalized form to the registrar before the end of the add/drop period in the semester following the completion of the 60th credit.

The plan will be monitored on a semesterly basis until such time that the plan has been fulfilled and all general education requirements have been met. If the plan is put into place and not followed by the student, further disciplinary action may be taken, including an Academic Warning.