Sophia Pleis, Alumni

The class was a lot of fun. Our professor made the class presentation in an easy to follow manner that involved very interesting content. I met people from all over the world. I really enjoyed it.

Francisco Frias, Alumni

First, I enjoyed meeting people from other countries. Second, the class was so much fun and I acquired plenty of knowledge. The teacher engaged us in different activities and I did not even notice that the class was over

Karolina Jablonska, Alumni

I had a great time in a class. It was not a regular boring class. The teacher involved us in all sorts of fun activities.

Vitoria Borges, Alumni

I enjoyed the class. I think it was very helpful and I improved my English. The professor knows the class material very well. It was also nice to meet new people from other countries.

Maria Tereza, Alumni

I enjoyed the class with Michael. He is a great teacher. The way he teaches TOEFL is professional and helpful. It was also nice to meet people from different countries.

Jule Marie Schindler, Alumni

I really enjoyed the class with Michael. He has a good sense of humor and great teaching techniques. Even the fact that we had to stay in the class from 7 till 9:30 pm was not so bad because we had a lot of fun.

Sylvia Fajtova, Alumni

I really enjoyed the TOEFL class. It improved my score in the TOEFL verbal test. During class, we practiced TOEFL from the different angles. We participated in group work where I improved my writing and listening skills. The teacher was so helpful during the class and always made class interesting for us.

Anais Messaadi, Alumni

I enjoyed the TOEFL class because I learned a lot. Our instructor was really nice and helpful. If I had to take the class again, I would definitely do it.

Fatimazohra Slim, Alumni

This is my first academic experience in USA and very glad that I chose FXUA. I think that the TOEFL program at FXUA is the best because of the teachers and their strategies. They are teaching us the real test and it helped us.

Mustafa Habib, Alumni

I studied at different countries, studied in South Africa, England, and Washington DC but never taken any course that helped me to pass through the difficulties that are faced in English language as the course I took at FXUA.