AnneMarie Gasparik, MIR

“The FXUA School of Online Education has allowed me to pursue my dream of earning a master’s degree without disrupting my career!”

As a resident of the DC/Metro area, earning your master’s degree at a local institution can be very expensive, and many universities don’t have well-established online programs available.

When I saw that FXUA offered the degree I wanted online, I jumped at the opportunity to begin my dream of earning my graduate degree.  I was nervous, since I had never taken a class online before. However, once I started taking my first class and realized that there are so many resources provided by FXUA to help students succeed, I knew I had made the right choice.

Having been out of school for three years, the FXUA School of Online Education has provided me with the opportunity to return to school for my master’s degree without stressing about going from my job to campus. Through the online school, I can successfully pursue my Master of Science in International Relations from the comfort of my own home and do school work on my own time. My teachers have been extremely understanding and helpful to me, which has made taking online classes a great experience. Time management is essential to your success as an online student; so is being proactive, staying on top of your assignments, and maintaining regular communication with your professors. I would recommend FXUA School of Online Education to anyone who is ready for a challenge and a globally-inspired degree.


AnneMarie Gasparik
Alumni, MS in International Relations

Amit Gambhir, MIS

With my background in engineering and management, along with my experience in product management and marketing, I had a true know-how and sense of business. However, I wanted more knowledge in the area of IT in order to make myself more versatile and to excel in my career.

Fairfax University of America provided me with education, resources, cultural experiences, and exposure to great minds from all around the world. With the flexibility to take courses in the summer and online, I’ll be finishing my master’s degree in 15 months so I can go back and work toward my goals. I am extremely thankful for all the opportunities provided to me at FXUA.

Amit Gambhir
Alumni, MS in Information Systems

Leslie Bofill, Professor

Without a doubt, one of FXUA’s greatest assets is its diversity in student body and in faculty. I have been exposed to students from varied backgrounds. Some students are professionals seeking to advance their knowledge through FXUA’s TESOL program, other students are new to graduate work. However, one common thread among FXUA’s TESOL students is their desire to become experts in this field. You can sense their passion for this discipline (even online!). It is wonderful to see the types of teachers FXUA is leading into the classroom.


I have thoroughly enjoyed designing and facilitating courses in FXUA’s online TESOL program. As faculty, we are encouraged to use various teaching methods and tools to deliver and facilitate students’ knowledge. It is both challenging and empowering to know that what is expected from you is the best possible learning environment students can receive. It forces me to work harder to build engaging, interactive, content that is based on the important research and concepts of our field.

Although I teach online courses and live in Florida, I still feel a connection to my students, my peers, and to FXUA. There is something special about FXUA, a sense of being a part of something important that resonates even at a distance. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of the FXUA TESOL program as I have learned from my students more than they know.

Leslie Bofill,

Vega Beloqui Ortiz, MA in TESOL

After 3 years of thinking about it, I finally made up my mind: I wanted to go on with my studies even though I had finished my degree 14 years ago. What took me so long? Well… Apart from my full time job, my husband, my two kids (8 and 6)… Simple: I was afraid. Afraid of not being able to finish what I began. I started looking for what I wanted to study and I could only find it at Fairfax University of America. No other country, no other state, no other university had exactly what I wanted. Some others have a Masters in TESOL, but the courses in this program are really enriching. Trust me,

I´ve been teaching English as a Foreign Language for 14 years so I know what I’m talking about! Studying online in an American university while living in Spain was really challenging for me, but everybody at FXUA made it so easy and they really helped me throughout the whole application process. My biggest concern was money. FXUA is one of the most affordable universities I found, but compared to Spanish ones it was still out of my reach. They told me I could apply for the Career Online Scholarship and I didn´t give it much credit, to be honest, but I tried anyway. To my surprise they replied in a few weeks saying I had been awarded a scholarship! I´m about to finish my second course of the Masters and I´m so glad I decided to start this adventure. It makes me happy to see I can pursue my dreams without taking time from my family or work. With a little organization and the help of my professors, everything is turning out perfect! I´m so motivated and engaged in the course now that there´s no doubt the Masters is bringing out the best in me.

Vega Beloqui Ortiz
Alumni, MA in TESOL

Anastasiya Listopadova: Open your mind

“Anastasiya Listopadova: Open your mind”
I am truly pleased to study here at FXUA. It is an undoubtedly unique place that opens students’ minds no matter to new ways of life and thinking. A diverse student body, diverse faculty and staff together make you view things under many different angles you may not even consider otherwise! Along with your regular class content, you learn about new cultures and religions. You have a chance to learn more about people and about yourself. You gain life-time friends. You have a great opportunity to engage in the world of global business.

You learn and experience many things here for the first time in your life. FXUA online classes were a part of these firsts for me. I would like to encourage you to study at FXUA Online as it is extremely convenient. All you need is Internet access. Forget about being late or wasting precious time commuting. Another big advantage is that FXUA online provides very affordable programs. If you have a desire to study, but are restricted in money or are not able to relocate easily, FXUA Online makes that excellent education possible. You have a chance to gain profound knowledge here at FXUA Online from professors who possess teaching experience in leading American Universities, have much experience with international organizations such as World Bank and United Nations, have mastered their skills in the real American corporate world, and are succeeding now in their own businesses!

Anastasiya Listopadova

Ariunjargal Tsogtbayar: Receive support 24/7

“Ariunjargal Tsogtbayar: Receive support 24/7”
When I was applying to FXUA, I had so many questions! The admissions department and staff were wonderful – they patiently answered all of them and guided me through the application process. As a student, I continued to benefit from the 24 hour support, through live chat, phone and email.

. As a student staff member, I am now happy to provide the same support to others applying to FXUA Online! I love my university, and I am happy to share what I know with other students. If you have any questions, please call, e-mail or chat with us!

Ariunjargal Tsogtbayar

Ana Maylin Dy: I can study at my own pace

“Ana Maylin Dy: I can study at my own pace”
Having studied both online and on-campus courses, I can say that FXUA Online makes studying convenient and affordable. You can study anytime and anywhere. Through online courses, you can work and do your usual daily activities and study during your free time. Furthermore, the tuition rate is cheaper than the on-campus tuition, and you do not have to worry about travel or on-campus expenses. Personally, I found studying for an online course easier because I can use the time I’m saving by not traveling to school to study at my own pace.

The independence also forced me to be honest with myself in terms of whether I understood something. If something didn’t make sense to me, I just read the lesson again, or asked the instructor, who was very helpful, friendly and quick to respond. There are similarities and differences between the online and on-campus courses. It is similar since you can always interact with your teacher and classmates and still be learning the same topics and materials. But it is different because you decide when to study and do your requirements. I would recommend taking online courses, especially to those with tight schedules or from faraway places.

Ana Maylin Dy

Nathan A. Minami: A Dynamic International Environment

“FXUA is a vibrant community of diverse students!”
I was very interested in teaching at FXUA because of the very diverse international student body. I have designed and taught 8 courses online for FXUA in both the schools of Business and SCIS.  FXUA has allowed me to be exposed to more academic diversity than I ever imagined.

Being able to teach in both the School of Business and SCIS has broadened my own academic perspectives; having taught students from more than 25 different countries has been both professionally rewarding and extremely educational to me personally as every student brings a new cultural perspective.  Where else can you have a classroom full of students from diverse locations like Mongolia, Thailand, Brazil, Germany, Jordan and the U.S. ….all at the same time?

My best memory is attending graduation this last April.  I finally got to meet many of my students face to face, and more importantly, see the joy in their faces as they received their diplomas!  That is very rewarding for a professor.  I feel that FXUA is a vibrant community of international students who are extremely positive, optimistic and determined to succeed in the modern business world while also working to break down cultural barriers and make the world a better place!  I promise to deliver timely and relevant education and to create an environment where students are free to present diverse view points while also maintaining high standards for academic rigor that will prepare students to succeed and thrive as working professionals immediately upon graduation. I see FXUA growing, becoming one of the great international universities of the world.  In the long term, FXUA will be known for producing great leaders of character who will work to make the world a better place for all countries and nationalities.

Nathan A. Minami,
Adjunct Professor
School of Business Administration
School of Computer Information Systems