Nikita Tiwari, MBA 2018

I chose FXUA because it offered me the opportunity to make a transition within my nursing career to explore more of the administrative aspects of the healthcare industry. For a couple of years, I had been looking for ways to bridge the two; FXUA helped to make that aspiration come true.

With my newly acquired instruction, I was able to gain quality standards for service and advance my career in the healthcare industry. Today, I am working as a Registered Nurse and using both, clinical and administrative skills. My campus studies definitely gave me added confidence and expertise to excel in my career.

When considering all of the instructional aspects I needed to grow academically, FXUA’s School of Business was right there to guide me. They were always open to assist me along with other students. The Career Services Department was of immense support and showed me how to prepare my resume for jobs and shared other resources to assist my growth. I always asked questions, followed-up, and attended professional development series.

I highly recommend the entire student body to use the college’s resources and to always be open to interact with Career Services and other departments. It is a necessity for everyone on the campus to take advantage of the many resources available for us.

FXUA has prepared me to excel in my career and I look forward to giving back to the FXUA community. I want to share my experiences and knowledge in every means that I can for the next generation of students!

Nikita Tiwari
Master of Business Administration 2018

Theresa Taylor, MIR 2016

I chose FXUA because I was living in Japan and wanted to complete my program online. I appreciated that FXUA was an international university. From my research, I gathered that many foreign students attended the school which was a manifestation for me that the school embraces diversity. I endorse mutual respect and diversity and, in my opinion, I would agree that though there exist an expectation that these factors should be obvious in the western world, developed countries in the Western world hasn’t really lived up to these expectations. In fact, diversity has been blamed for escalating the rise of ethnic nationalism and far-right movements. I therefore gravitate to institutions that understand, represents and appreciate the strength, growth and power that diversity brings.

Completing my studies in International Relations while I was in Japan and originally coming from a western developing country was nothing short of an amazing experience. I had the advantage of seeing many worlds and then conclude the reality that it’s a small world and that each world is only part of a whole and hence the need to cooperate and strive for peace among nations. I am culturally sensitive, I believe in the power of negotiation and exercising soft power and I believe in identifying myself with people from all around the world no matter their creed and I enjoy engaging in supportive actions. We are all but human first.

Since I completed my studies at FXUA, I went straight in completing a diploma course in Canadian Immigration Practitioner and simultaneously started the application process to migrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program that is offered. My intention for doing the diploma was to move on to become a licensed Immigration Consultant and to start my own practice. I see this a platform where I can represent and serve people from all over the world through mutual respect. I currently hold position of Immigration Consultant and is operating in this capacity.

Theresa Taylor
Masters of Science in International Relations 2016

Tushar Qazi Yamin Kabhir, MPM 2016

I was one of the first batch of Project Management students to complete from the university’s program. After my graduation from the finest of institutions in Virginia, I quickly was hired as a Project Coordinator in Sodexo, New Jersey. Although my career has taken me across the world to so many places, to this date I still get nostalgic when thinking of Dr. Stephen Onu’s core project management classes and what a life mentor he has been to all of us. Dr. Onu showed us the way to believe in ourselves and to always push forward beyond boundaries and limitations.

I still have a long way to go but my education and life experiences on the campus always assist me to be the best in whatever I do.

Tushar Qazi Yamin Kabhir
Master of Science in Project Management 2016

Laxman Reddy Japa, MISM 2018

I came to United States to get an advanced degree and FXUA helped me achieve it. When I wanted to get a master’s degree in information systems management, FXUA was one of the few universities that offered the program. Based on my IELTS score at the time I was offered admission to join the university and since then Fairfax University of America was able to motivate, build spirit and gave me a path to succeed both academically and professionally.

I learned a lot of things like Agile, Project Management, Software development life cycle which helped me understand the US jobs and the requirement for the jobs.  I still follow most of the things that were taught at the university it may be on how to present myself for a meeting or how to communicate, all the hours of in class discussions and brainstorms and after class sessions got me a long way from where I have started.

The knowledge gained from classes and equipped with many other tools and technology I learned I was able to secure a very good and high paying job under six months after the graduation, this is was the first stage of success for me since I graduated and many more to come ahead. The motivation and knowledge I gained when I was in class, communicating with professors and students helped me gain confidence in expressing myself in a conversation something which I have to do every day at work in the meeting.

I would like to give heads up to all the future alumni of FXUA, when you graduate Job Market might not be as welcoming as you might have thought, don’t finish the assignment’s and think you are ready for the job. Learn some tools, try getting an internship or work on a project after class that might give you real time experience.  Just do the smart thing #GoFXUA

Laxman Reddy Japa
Master of Science in Information Systems Management 2018

Saji Thomas, MCS 2017

FXUA has provided me the opportunity to grow not only as a professional but also academically which helped me a lot to prepare for my career.

The FXUA Career Center provided me guidance and academic resources to develop my objective and also helped me in building my Resume and my cover letter.

“Focus! Connect! Balance! Focus on setting a foundation that will propel you to success! Connect and stay connected to your family, friends, your faith, and all that is positive in your life; Balance it all with an attention to your health, your nutrition, your sleep, and yes have fun from time to time! Much love to all and good luck!”

Saji Thomas
Master of Science in Computer Science 2017

Jesulobatemi Alagba, MCS 2018

I chose Fairfax University of America (FXUA) because the campus offered me an opportunity to advance my career and provided me with the needed resources and tools to be effective in the workplace. With this learning experience, I was able to build a network with persons of diverse backgrounds.

During my last semester, I had many opportunities to interview with recognized tech companies. Shortly afterwards, I was offered a position along with a sign-on bonus. To me, this is a testament to the quality of education offered by FXUA.

Since completing my studies, I have been able to apply many of the technical skills learned in classes and apply them to real-life scenarios. I cannot overemphasize the usefulness of learning soft skills, which were reinforced during presentations and classes. These skills have been essential in my career success with Deloitte & Touche LLP.

The campus offered me a great environment to learn and to build a successful career. It would do students well to maximize the opportunity!

Jesulobatemi Alagba
Master of Science in Computer Science 2018

Samiullah Samsor, MPA 2016

I graduated with my MPA (Master of Public Administration- Public Management) in 2016. Prior to my graduation, I made important networks with other young professionals at the Afghanistan Embassy in Washington, DC. The impact of my US degree in MPA changed my entire profile, frankly, the person I was before leaving changed when I returned to Kabul, Afghanistan. The values, the perception, my understanding of the world, and more specifically my technical insight toward governments and its management really changed after graduating from FXUA. During my last semester, I choose to write my thesis on the Kabul Municipality, an entity providing services for more than 6 million citizens. My thesis at FXUA made it my destiny to work for the organization. The Mayor of the Kabul Municipality asked me to send my research to him and in return, he replied with “excellent research” and an offer for me to work with him and serve the country together. To sum it all up, FXUA led me to choose the best path, learn through experience, network with professionals, research the best, and finally help me receive my dream job.

My journey to the US started with a dream to only get a degree from a US university and then return to my home country. The decision to return was already made because the conditions in Afghanistan need to be changed and change comes only with young educated leaders. I believe that I can do more for people via public sector since in third-world countries governments are most likely on the front lines for services for their people.

Working at the Kabul Municipality was really challenging for me. I’ll say it’s really hard to directly roll the ball in public sectors. Regulations, policies, and working environment are deferent in public than private sector. At my job as the deputy revenue director, my manager and I were in charge of managing 540 employees. In the absence of my manager, I am responsible for managing all these employees with good results. In the last five months, I am the Deputy and Acting General Director of the revenue department for the Kabul Municipality. I work unpaid overtime but at the same time, I am making changes, which is the expectation of my boss and the entire government in Afghanistan.

One of my friends is currently working in our embassy in Washington, DC told me that always believe in the steps of your career. Simon Sinek, who inspires me says to always work for your why. Define your why because why can lead us in the right direction.

FXUA students have the same dreams as any other student across the US and or the world. What we need to do is to think bigger, believe stronger, and follow our dreams heavier. Believe me that FXUA will give you the result you put into it. As an example, at Kabul Municipality there are people graduated from the University of Washington, Johns Hopkins, Texas University, other state universities, Fulbright Scholars, and very simply, myself.

Samiullah Samsor
MPA (Master of Public Administration- Public Management) in 2016

Vaidehi Pulavarthi, MCS 2016

My name is Vaidehi Pulavarthi and I’m from India. Before coming here, I pursued an undergraduate degree from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Institution in India and afterward, worked at TCS for Belgacom Telecom, Belgium for 2 years as a technology developer. In 2013, my marriage brought me to the United States. I have a passion for teaching. My goal is to eventually make teaching as my profession.

I have always wanted to pursue higher education not just to get a pay raise at work but for more exposure to the current trends. Being from a country where IT servicing is prevalent, keeping up with learning process is a must for professional survival.

I have my family living in Fairfax, Virginia, so naturally, my primary factor was the geographical location. Within the area, after considering multiple factors like affordability, flexibility, diversity as well as the richness of the courses offered, FXUA felt like a natural fit for me. I was especially encouraged by the wide variety of specialization courses offered at FXUA. These courses are up to the market trends (for example, Mobile Application Development). I graduated in 2016 with my master’s in computer science.

During the time I have spent at FXUA, I was lucky to have great professors who introduced me to new ways of learning, gave me a great exposure to a new set of career opportunities, and helped me in crafting my personality. I am so glad I made the decision to go to school at FXUA; the experiences I had are helping me every day in my current position at Fannie Mae.

A few notable examples:

  • With the assistance of Professor Andy Yao (he teaches Design and Analysis of Algorithms) I approached Fairfax County to understand the process on how they track school buses to build a mobile application for them. This helped me learn how to write business requirements for an app.
  • Initiated and been a part of developing a mobile application for Student service center at FXUA through which they can monitor the number of students attending an event. Conducted user acceptance testing with a set of students on the application that was built and received their feedback on it. The end to end experience helped me with my entrepreneurial ambitions and the confidence to execute on them at a later stage in my career.
  • Received guidance from Professor Hany Eldeib (he teaches Computer Architecture and Implementation) on perspectives of pursuing higher education which I am sure to pursue in the next couple of years.

Currently, I work for Fannie Mae as a Scrum Analyst. I came to know about the position through my sister-in-law who works for the same company.
The interview process was very different from what I had experienced for my first job in India. It was not as technically complex as I thought it would be since the position was closer to an entry level analyst position. I had a phone interview followed by an in-person meeting. As the interview panel knew I was a fresh college graduate their focus of questions were mainly on what I had accomplished through my masters. After having me introduce myself and making me comfortable, the panel followed up with questions on my prior job experience and some technical questions.
Before attending the interview, I made sure to thoroughly do my homework in the Secondary Mortgage Market and specifically all the news articles (prior and current) on Fannie Mae which gave me a very good context around the history of the company and where they are currently. That homework showed during the interview process where I was able to surprise the interviewers with my domain knowledge and followed up with a few of my own set of probing questions. That gave them the confidence to hire me because they felt that I had proven to them that I had the attitude to learn new things.

I would like to share with you some of the questions I was asked on the interview, just to give you an idea what might be an interview question. Here are the examples:

  • Why did you choose to do master’s when you had an opportunity to take up a job?
  • Tell me few situations where you failed and also tell us about the lessons you have learned through your failure.
  • Do you say ‘No’ when management insists you to deliver something with an impossible deadline? If ‘Yes’, how do you explain it to them.
  • How will this job benefit you in your current career?

Competing in the market with others is tougher than you think it is. However, do not let your initial failures get to you. Remember that you failed because you had the courage to try. Learn from them and let them be a stepping stone to your future successes.

It is never too late to start networking. Building contacts and keeping in constant touch with people will eventually land you in the right place at the right time. I was very surprised to learn that most of the job openings in any company are filled internally through contacts. Follow up after your initial call. People get busy at work very quickly and need to be reminded of what a great candidate you are. Do not expect them to make the first move!

Always, always keep working on your resume – stand out by taking special courses or certifications in your free time. Your efforts will never be wasted.
While always important, in more recent times it has become more imperative that you work on being culturally assimilated. While remembering where you come from is important in how you are defined so far, you would be wise to take stock of and be respectful of the culture, customs, and norms of the country that you currently reside in. A potential employer is impressed not only by your knowledge and experience but also by how you carry yourself.

Never lose sight of your dreams. If you have made it here all by yourself, then you definitely will make it to where you belong. Be open to all opportunities and paths. You never know which path will lead you to your dream job.

Vaidehi Pulavarthi
Master’s of Science in Computer Science, 2016
Scrum Analyst, Fannie Mae

Said Sani, MBA 2011

My name is Said Sani and I am from Nigeria. I received my bachelor’s in computer engineering from Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan. I knew that once I graduated I wanted to further my education with a master’s degree. I came to the US and studied at Fairfax University of America and received my master’s in 2011. I choose the university because where I received my undergraduate degree from worked closely with FXUA. Several of my professors had visited and suggested that continuing my education at FXUA would benefit me. I got my first masters on International Business and second in Accounting.

The most amazing thing about FXUA is the diversity and the culture at the university. There are good relationships between the students and professors. I was introduced to different cultures, traditions, and languages because there were a lot of international students. I made friends from all around the world and even though I didn’t visit most of my friend’s home countries I learned so much about their culture, which is a great help for my current job.

My advice for the FXUA students is to come together, get to know each other, and help each other because the friendships you make here will stay with you after you graduate. Many times these friendships can evolve into business relationships. It is easier to trust someone you know and you have studied with rather than looking for a new business partner that you don’t know. This is a major benefit to study at a smaller university; you get to know everyone and become a family.

After I graduated, I saw that there was an internship opportunity in the Nigerian Embassy and I decided to apply. After my internship was done, there was a job opening for a Finance Assistant and I decided to apply for the position. I received the position and now I work at the embassy. I love my job; I feel like serving my country is the best thing I can do in my life.

I love what I do so I would like to become a career diplomat. I want to be involved in politics and diplomacy; I want to make difference for my country. I want to contribute to the prosperity of my country, work towards providing higher living standards, better education, and job opportunities by representing my country abroad and bringing opportunities back home.

Said Sani
MBA International Business Management 2011
Finance Assistant at the Embassy of Nigeria, Washington DC

Anastasia Dorokhina

Quote: “FXUA has impacted my personal and professional life in a positive way and helped me identify and develop my skills and expertise.”

My name is Anastasia and I am originally from Moscow, Russia. I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics in Moscow and I decided to pursue my graduate studies abroad. I started my investigation into a Master’s program offered in the USA and visited several times. It helped me decide that the US would be the right place to pursue my Master’s degree.

Once I visited Virginia, I absolutely loved the cultural diversity and strategic location, I decided to concentrate my university research in the DC/MA/VA area only. Taking into account that Virginia is one of the wealthiest and expensive areas in the country, I challenged myself to find a good university where can I afford the tuition.  Among the universities I was considering applying to was Fairfax University of America. Not just because of its affordability, but because of the simplicity of an application procedure. Now I am honored to say, that I graduated with MBA degree in International Business Management from FXUA.

While at FXUA, I learned valuable on-hands experience through events organized by a FXUA Career Center. I remember one of the speakers mentioned that networking is a key factor no matter what professional path you choose. Perhaps everybody knows about the importance of networking but it was an absolutely new aspect for me at that time. She suggested me to sign up for Toastmasters International (TI). For those who don`t know, Toastmasters is designed to help members improve their communication, public speaking, leadership skills, and it operates worldwide. The organization gives you a chance to develop your skills and to build your network. The sign-up process is easy, just look for clubs in the DMV area that you are interested in and contact their representatives. Attend a session and then if you like the club, enroll. You don’t need to do anything besides attending the event. At that time, I enrolled for the IMF and the World Bank chapters because that is what interested me; it helped me meet the right people and to get information about the interview process before going to real interviews. It takes time to build relationships and to collect information for different opportunities but it is worthwhile. This is just one of the tips I learned by going to the Career Center events and it still serves me- even though I graduated, I am still meeting new people and making new connections.

I found my job after a graduation through a recruiter who later secured me a job. I worked for a high-profile private equity firm, based in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, my 1-year OPT had finished and my employer couldn’t sponsor my work visa due to the long process. In the end, because of my work ethic, they referred me to their Dubai partners and I received a job there. Basically what let me to this opportunity was a good profile (CV), hard work, good recommendations, and connections.

This year is my 3rd year working in Dubai; it is a great city to live and work. I love my job and currently, I work in the Investment in Aviation industry, at the International AirFinance Corporation (IAFC). As a Senior Manager, I am responsible for investor relations, marketing & PR; I report directly to the CEO and I am in charge of keeping communications with internal and external stakeholders at a high-level standard. In addition, I organize marketing presentations and investment roadshows internationally and in collaboration with the executive team while supervising the marketing communications strategies and establishing and developing media relationships.

FXUA has impacted my personal and professional life in a positive way and has helped me identify and develop my skills and expertise.

Studying in the US gives you a chance for better job opportunities abroad. What I liked about FXUA is it provides you with quality education, good facilities, and location to DC; it provides opportunities for students to live, study, and internships and/or jobs in the DC area; many international organizations and IT companies are located in the city and surrounding areas. FXUA is a good investment for pursuing your degree.

Anastasia Dorokhina
MBA in International Business Management 2011
Senior Manager at International AirFinance Corporation (IAFC), Dubai