Liliya Kolcheva


To study abroad, especially in the United States, is very helpful for your future career. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Russia, I was looking for interesting opportunities to improve my skills in the field of Information Technology . The long search led me to FXUA, the university which meets all my needs: location, qualified professors, and diversity. Washington, D.C. is a great place to find a job in the field of Information Technology. Secondly, the faculty has tremendous teaching experience in different countries. Fairfax University of America attracts students from many different countries and, as a result, will help you gain experience in dealing with people of different cultures. FXUA is the university in which you will never feel lonely and abandoned far from your home country, here you can always count on us.

For me Studying in the USA is a wonderful option for many reasons: you can learn English in perfection; a language that is one of the most important in the world. English will help you to feel comfortable anywhere in the world. In the USA, you can explore all the different states and realize which one is the best for you and which one is the best for your future career. You have the opportunity to find new connections for your future career path, as well as people who think the same way as you.

FXUA offers great services to international students, assisting us in finding affordable housing, earning a scholarship, fun academic and social events, and on-campus employment opportunities. In my opinion, the greatest service FXUA provides to all students is the opportunity to find loyal friends! Be brave, smile, believe in yourself and go ahead – if I can do it, you can too! Good luck!

Liliya Kolcheva
Alumni, Master of Computer Science