Anastasia Krapivina


I got my bachelor’s degree in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I was studying tourism, so I always knew that I wanted to travel. I chose to get my master’s degree in the US to help me achieve that dream. While scrolling down the list of universities in the US, I found my university: FXUA. There were a few things which attracted me to FXUA. First of all, it is an international university with students from all over the world. Yes, indeed, I have met many great friends who come from across the globe during my studies here. Additionally, the programs I was interested in were offered at FXUA, and the school has a great location close to Washington, DC. These and many other decisions influenced my decision to study at FXUA.

Coming to a new place, meeting new friends, and exploring new cultures has been a rewarding – and challenging! – task. Living in the US has helped me to grow, has taught me to think not only about the present but also to be passionate about planning my future.

FXUA has become like another home for me, even as I am very far away from my native country, my family, and my friends. I know that when I have doubts or if I need advice I can always come to FXUA. I admire all of my professors who motivate students by acting as academic and life mentors. What I love most about the professors is their willingness to help us move forward in our careers.

I have also had the opportunity to work on campus while studying in my early semesters. However, I was always looking for a chance to work outside of FXUA where I could challenge myself even further. Many multinational and government agencies are located in this area, and I was hoping to get experience in hotel management through my CPT (curricular practical training). As I was very determined to find such a job, I received a position in which I met good people who taught me how to manage hotels in the busiest city in the world. I was sent to several corporate trainings and gained practical experiences in my field. In the future, I’d love to work on accounting and revenue management for hotels.

Anastasia Krapivina

Alumni, MBA in Accounting