Nikita Tiwari, MBA 2018
Nikita Tiwari, MBA 2018

I chose FXUA because it offered me the opportunity to make a transition within my nursing career to explore more of the administrative aspects of the healthcare industry. For a couple of years, I had been looking for ways to bridge the two; FXUA helped to make that aspiration come true.

With my newly acquired instruction, I was able to gain quality standards for service and advance my career in the healthcare industry. Today, I am working as a Registered Nurse and using both, clinical and administrative skills. My campus studies definitely gave me added confidence and expertise to excel in my career.

When considering all of the instructional aspects I needed to grow academically, FXUA’s School of Business was right there to guide me. They were always open to assist me along with other students. The Career Services Department was of immense support and showed me how to prepare my resume for jobs and shared other resources to assist my growth. I always asked questions, followed-up, and attended professional development series.

I highly recommend the entire student body to use the college’s resources and to always be open to interact with Career Services and other departments. It is a necessity for everyone on the campus to take advantage of the many resources available for us.

FXUA has prepared me to excel in my career and I look forward to giving back to the FXUA community. I want to share my experiences and knowledge in every means that I can for the next generation of students!

Nikita Tiwari
Master of Business Administration 2018