VFF 2014-2015

VFF 2014-2015

Fairfax University of America’s School of Education would like to thank our 2014-2015 Voices from the Field speakers who contributed to a unique learning experiences through our speaker series. Below are the 2014-2015 speakers and links to recordings of their sessions.

Dr. Heather Weger“Promoting Student Autonomy: How Authentic Task-Based Activities Can Scaffold Learning In Multi-Level Classes”
Senior Instructor, Georgetown University Center for Language Education and Development
Dr. Heather Weger
Event Description

Educators often find themselves faced with classrooms of learners who possess a variety of skills, interests, and goals. How can they individualize activities to provide both sufficient scaffolding and appropriate challenges for students at different levels of ability? How can they ensure that tasks will be stimulating and motivating for all students? And, given the myriad demands on teachers’ time, how can they do this efficiently?

In this session, drawing on principles of student autonomy, authentic materials, and task-based learning, the presenter will outline two media-based projects (one written, one oral) that educators can use to scaffold, challenge, and inspire students toward the development of content-area knowledge, skills, and level-appropriate language use.

Jennifer Forney“Third Culture Kids and Cross Cultural Kids: Understanding our Highly Mobile Students in the Classroom”
Biology & Chemistry Teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools
Jennifer Forney
Event Description
Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and Cross Cultural Kids (CCKs) are in all of our classrooms, and their numbers are growing. Who are these global nomads and how can we as educators help them to reach their true potential? Learn the characteristics of highly mobile students, the unique challenges they face, and tools that we as educators can use in the classroom.

Dr. Chuck Cadle“Imagination, Creativity, and Ego-Strength”
CEO of Destination Imagination
Dr. Chuck Cadle
Event Description
What does the research say about the importance of ego-strength? Einstein said that imagination was more important than knowledge. President Obama said that ideas power our economy. This presentation will discuss why pressuring our students to have a highly conventional behavior is inversely proportional to creativity and innovation. Attendees will learn how Destination Imagination Programs foster ego-strength leading to innovation and leadership. This presentation is applicable to education, business, and any field that requires 21st century skills.

Dr. Brantner -Artenie Dr. Biesenbach Lucas
Dr. Brantner -Artenie Dr. Biesenbach Lucas

“Publishing ESL Materials: Opportunities and Challenges”
Senior Instructors Georgetown University Center for Language Education and Development

Event Description
ESL professionals are often presented with opportunities to collaborate with colleagues for a variety of purposes and in a variety of ways. One common way is for instructors to collaborate on the creation of course materials and conference presentations, and at times these collaborations can lead to more formal projects, such as producing formal materials for a program or for a publisher.
In this session, the presenters will describe two different publishing experiences: one multi-year project as co-writers of one level of a new multi-level hybrid/blended textbook series, and another one-year project as a team writing one component of a revised integrated skills textbook series. In the presentation, the following questions will be addressed:

  • How does one find a “way in” with a publisher?
  • What do you need to do when formally submitting a proposal for a publication?
  • What should you know about contracts, timelines, and compensation?
  • At the publisher level, who is involved in your writing and publication process?
  • What are the challenges of materials writing for publication?
  • What are the rewards associated with materials writing?
  • What are the trends in ESL textbook writing today?

Dr. Gorky Cruz“Teaching Online: Design, Delivery, and Management”
The Center for Language Exploration, Acquisition, and Research and American University
Dr. Gorky Cruz

Event Description
Our guest speaker shared his expertise in teaching online in distance and hybrid learning environments, covering, for example, how to prepare for the transition from face-to-face to online teaching and learning, and best practices in the design, delivery, and management of online courses.

“Succeeding after Graduation” MA TESOL graduates

Mauge Tapia Escobar Huan Vo
Mauge Tapia Escobar Huan Vo

Event Description

In an interactive presentation and Q&A session, successful graduates of FXUA’s MA TESOL program will share career advice and discuss the opportunities and challenges they have faced as international applicants on the education job market in the US.