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Manish Gupta

Manish Gupta



Manish Gupta is the co-founder of uCertify, an EdTech company that is transforming the education industry with its innovative & interactive learning platform. Mr. Manish was quoted as saying, “I’m an engineer with the heart of an educator. Technology excites me, software architecture and design are my forte, but my real passion is using technology to educate the citizens of today’s digital age. Technology changes on an almost daily basis impacting some aspect of our lives, but what consistently astonished and frustrated me as a designer, a hiring manager, and as a parent, were the dearth of truly effective e-learning solutions.” Mr. Manish has decades of experience in the industry, not just as a programmer, an architect, and an IT manager, but also with passion and experience in teaching and education. Before establishing uCertify, Mr. Manish served as Global Director of Applications and Data Centers at Sybase and SAP for more than 15 years, which has been a leader in developing and expanding innovative technology. Under his leadership and management, uCertify has won 28 prestigious CODiE Awards in the last 7 years. CODiEs are one of the most recognized peer-recognition awards in the Education Technology industry. Mr. Manish is trained as an Engineer and has two master’s degrees, including an MBA from the University of Georgia.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Networking and Cybersecurity
  • Data Science

Program(s) Support:

  • BSC in AI and ML
  • BSC in Networking and cybersecurity
  • BSC in data science
  • MS in AI and ML
  • MS in Networking and cybersecurity
  • MS in data analytics