SCIS Advisory

Kevin Martin, PhD

Kevin Martin, PhD

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Fairfax University of America  

Dr. Martin is the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Dean of the School of Language Studies at Fairfax University of America. In this role, he oversees the academic operations of the School of Language Studies to include management of curriculum, faculty, development, advising students, SLS-community professional development, and strategic planning. He hosts an advisory board for programs within the school. Dr. Martin also serves in a dual role as FXUA’s institutional Director of Education Assessment. In this capacity, he sets policies and procedures related to institutional educational assessment. Prior to his work with FXUA, Dr. Martin has previously served in capacities including Director of Education, Program Director for ESOL programs, and chief officer for Institutional Language Curriculum Design/Implementation. He has second language teaching experience from children to adults in the U.S. and abroad.

Areas of Expertise:

  • E-Learning
  • Curriculum design
  • Resources regulatory compliance

Program(s) Support:

  • BSC in AI and ML
  • BSC in Networking and cybersecurity
  • BSC in data science
  • MS in AI and ML
  • MS in Networking and cybersecurity
  • MS in data analytics