Billing and Deadlines



By registering for classes, FXUA students accept responsibility for all semester charges that should be paid in full by the payment deadline each term to avoid financial penalties. Students are responsible for checking their billing information through their Student Portal and keeping their contact information up to date.

For more information on how to submit a payment using FXUA Student Portal and other methods of payment, please click here.

Payment & Refund Deadlines

Please see the calendar below for payment and refund deadlines.

Fall 2021 Degree
August 23 – December 12
(15 Weeks: 15 Class Sessions)
Tution Payment Deadline 8/23/2021
1st Installment Due* 8/23/2021
First Day of Classes 8/23/2021
Last Day to Add/Drop Course(s) 8/30/2021
Eligible for 100% Refund 8/30/2021
Last Day for Eligible for 75% Refund 9/19/2021
2nd Installment Due* 9/23/2021
Last Day for Elgible for 50% Refund 10/17/2021
3rd Installment Due 10/23/2021
Last Day for Eligible for 25% Refund 11/14/2021
No Refund 11/15/2021
Last Day of Class 12/12/2021